Op-ed: Do Libs have a Man Problem?

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Picture This

“How was your day?” a mother asked her son as he climbed into the car in the school pick- up line at a pricey private school in Main Line, Pennsylvania. “At our assembly today, I learned that I should hate myself because I’m a straight white male!” replied her 14-year-old. Self-esteem and soul-crushing moments like these are happening all too frequently in our public and private schools, resulting in generations of emasculated males. We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology!

In an effort to promote what is considered a “politically correct” agenda, schools are inviting female speakers from liberal organizations into school assemblies nationwide. Their goal is to teach young boys to feel guilty and ashamed of their gender and their race. LGBT topics are also presented to children, usually without the knowledge of most parents. What is going on here?

An Extra Dose of Guilt and Shame

Female students appear to be thriving in all areas of education; it is boys who are affected by the ideological message that is directed at their gender. It seems that schools have collectively decided that when it comes to addressing topics of gender, boys need an extra dose of guilt and shame. Consequently, the suicide rate for males is now nearly four times that of women.

Is being a straight white male today something to apologize for? Straight white men are viewed as “the oppressors,” according to an article on WesternIdentity.info entitled “White Men, it’s Cool to Hate You.” The article states that men’s opinions can be disregarded simply because it originated from them. “If a white man is not heterosexual, he begins to climb the ladder of oppression slightly and is thus given some social capital,” the article states.

The Name Calling Narrative

Republican men feel increasingly discriminated against. Democratic men do not. Why does this disparity exist? The “name-calling narrative,” filled with hate speech directed toward white men, was launched by Hillary Clinton during her failed 2016 presidential campaign, dubbing the working class “deplorables.”

Similar sentiments echoed across the nation. Sarah Semrad, an intern working on the Clinton campaign through the Wisconsin College Democrats, resigned after tweeting, “I F---ing Hate White Men!” There are more examples of this sort of thing happening nationwide, too many examples to list here.

Hate Has No Home Here

Despising white men will undoubtedly emotionally impact young, white, male teens. It’s important to support these boys, and young men before poor patterns of behavior begin. Families and mentors must listen, encourage and support young men. Parents and mentors can help by spending quality time with them, praising their unique talents and abilities.

This encouragement is instrumental in allowing young men to identify the value they have to offer to the world. Damaged self-esteem can be rebuilt with honest conversation and understanding the source of the damage. Encouraging and participating in meaningful dialogue can benefit these young throughout their developmental and academic years. To borrow a phrase, “hate has no home here.” Stop hating our sons, Democrats!

Carla D'Addesi / Guest Contributor
Carla D'Addesi is a wife, mom, author, FOX affiliate radio host and candid political commentator. Director of Defend My Privacy, the largest grassroots movement in her state, Carla is often on FOX & Friends, One American News Network and Christian Broadcasting Network to share truth, logic and common sense. She is an activist mommy! She authored the children's book series "Julia Learns” which teaches love of country, family and life! When Carla is not writing or doing interviews, she can be found cooking and playing tennis with her family.
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  1. My guess would be if you looked at the data the "girls are thriving" is going to be bollocks. It's going to be boys are failing and nothing is happening to girls so gender fascists will use this to claim something that isn't actually happening.




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