NBC Tweets: Left Wing Media Politicizes Hurricane Florence

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A New Low for Liberal Media

Liberal media hysteria reached a new low during the week of the impending arrival of Hurricane Florence. Liberals decided to politicize a major hurricane, even going as far as to downplay the danger of the impending storm that was set to arrive near North and South Carolina.

NBC News posted a tweet on their twitter account stating that the President claimed that Hurricane Florence was getting larger and far more dangerous, but downplayed the President’s statement on Hurricane Florence, saying that the Hurricane had been downgraded to a category 2 Hurricane and little change in strength was expected.

An NBC Meteorologist affiliate, Andrew Frieden of NBC 12 urged NBC News to retract their Tweet due to the danger that softening the tone of the Hurricane could induce upon the surrounding areas. Kait Parker from Weather.com hit back at NBC News Tweet- President Trump says that "we are completely ready for Hurricane Florence, as the storm gets even larger and more powerful."

President Trump says that "we are completely ready for Hurricane Florence, as the storm gets even larger and more powerful."

NHC says Florence has been downgraded to Cat. 2, and little change in strength is expected before landfall.
— NBC News (@NBCNews) Spetember 13, 2018 

Media Calls President Trump Complicit

The Washington Post wrote a report within the last couple of days blaming President Trump for Hurricane Florence. They stated that the president was complicit in regards to extreme weather. It seems that no matter what the President does or says, the liberal media is out to crucify him. Fact and reasoning have been left behind in favor of propaganda and blatant fake news.

As a prime example, the media has also falsified the actual number of deaths that occurred in Puerto Rico during the time when Hurricane Maria hit the region; a government count estimated that 64 died in the Hurricane, but within the last month the New England Journal of Medicine claims that the actual number was 3,000.

The liberal media also politicised Hurricane Maria. They took every opportunity to push an agenda that did not line up with what was actually happening. All one had to do was look past the CNN, NBC or failing New York Times headlines to see the truth.

The Main Stream Media needs to be held accountable for the information they put out. It is negligent and at times even dangerous to abandon fact and spin the narrative in order to fulfill an agenda.

Matthew McCarthy / Senior Contributor
I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College, and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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