Losing Like a Loser: The Curious Case of Serena Williams

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Tennis, Anyone?

Over the week of August 21st through September 9th the U.S. Open tennis tournament took place, and fans from all over attended. Roger Federer was the favorite, but he ended up losing his bracket. Many matches were played at the open, which took place in New York City.

There was a substantial lack of substance regarding who were the winners and who were the losers. While it would typically have been the hottest topic of the day, something else took precedence. This U.S. Open was less focused on the sport of tennis itself and more focused on the rude, arrogant behavior of one of the star players.

Serena Williams, along with her sister, Venus Williams, is noted to be one of the best female tennis athletes. The sisters took the tennis world by storm over the last decade. They have won almost every female match they in which they have participated. As it goes with sports, some games are won, and some are lost. A loss can be disappointing, but even the best athletes have off days and do their share of losing. That is why good sportsmanship is so important.

The Poorest of Sportsmanship

Again, it needs to be stressed, Serena Williams is noted to be one of the best female tennis athletes the game of tennis has ever seen. This fact does not take sportsmanship into account. Her sportsmanship was on display during this U.S. Open, and it was not good at all. She has since been seen as either the biggest fail to tennis or the biggest winner, regarding the culture, depending on whom you talk to.

Serena was playing a match with Naomi Osaka. During the match, it has been reported that Serena’s coach was giving her signals and coaching her from the stand. According to tourney rules, any form of coaching is prohibited. Doing so will earn you a violation/warning. “Section L in "Article III -- Player On-Site Offense" in the Grand Slam Rulebook, begins: "Players shall not receive coaching during a match (including the warm-up). Communications of any kind, audible or visible, between a player and a coach may be construed as coaching." Click here for more information on the rule.

The chair umpire, Carlos Ramos, saw what William’s coach was doing, and gave her a warning. It is the player’s responsibility to stop it, as it is the player who will be penalized. Her coach admitted to coaching her from the stands after the game was over. It was clearly a violation of the rules. As the match continued, Serena found out she was down a point. She misserved the ball and threw her racket on the ground, breaking it. Ramos witnessed that and gave her another code violation, which cost her a point.

A History of Violations

This happened before in 2009. She had been penalized a point for threatening a lineswoman and also smashing her racket. It was reported that Williams said to the lineswoman, “If I could, I would take this f***** ball and shove it down your f***** throat!” That code violation point cost her that match as well.

The breaking of her racket at this year’s match cost her a point. When Ramos took the point, Ms. Williams became unhinged because he warned her of her coaching code violation. She kept yelling, “I didn’t get coaching! I didn’t get coaching!” She then called for Ramos to publicly apologize for taking her point, and signaled to the audience that she was not, and would never be, a cheater. “I have a daughter, and I stand for her. I would rather take a loss than cheat!” She continued to behave very poorly, ranting, “You will never do another one of my matches!”

Williams started to verbally abuse Ramos in her chair. She continued yelling to him that she did not cheat, she did not get coaching, and that she deserved an apology from him. She insinuated that Ramos was the liar and that he was stealing from Williams. This was the final straw for Ramos. He used the code violation for verbal abuse, which is a game penalty on Williams, which ended up costing her the match.

The Stupidity of the Woman Card

Williams then played the woman card. She claimed that her loss was due to sexism. Would Ramos have treated a man differently? She claimed that he would have. Would a man be given a game penalty for calling Ramos a thief? According to Article III Section P of the Grand Slam Rulebook, yes, Ramos would have taken the game from a man. If Federer were in that position, he would have also cost himself the game.

Regardless of that, Serena played the “I’m a woman” card, and continued to harp on Ramos. Williams continued to make claims that men have said worse on the courts and were still allowed to play. She argued that men acted, and expressed more aggression, and were allowed to play. According to her, a man would not have gotten that penalty for verbal abuse and aggression. That was not correct.

The Truth Is

There have been many instances where men who acted aggressively and spouted verbal abuse were kicked out of the game and fined. Nick Kyrgios and John Mcenroe are two tennis-playing men that have shown aggression and been called out for it. These instances prove Williams’s claims are unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, Naomi Osaka, emotional from the victory, as well as the situation, was left in the shadows, not really celebrated for her victory. Williams loss and immature tirade that screamed of poor sportsmanship took the spotlight away from the winner. What a travesty! It is about entitlement.

Ms. Williams actions on the court should not have gotten her any coverage at all. As a player who embarrassed the game of tennis, she should be forced to issue a public apology to her fans and the world. Sadly, her behavior is somehow acceptable because of her status.

Left Wing Blathering

In fact, the whole charade sparked a slew of left-wing media outlets and leftist op-ed pieces hinting at changing the rules. They took her side and treated her as a victim. Williams was a victim of racist sexism, or sexist racism, according to some reports. Some articles suggest that Williams was carrying the weight of blacks and women everywhere and this match undercut her, basically delegitimizing her carrying of that weight.

Many others who saw her actions, and possess some common sense, thought she got exactly what she deserved. Good sportsmanship is about decorum before, during, and after the game. It is not complicated. Serena Williams should not be allowed to carry on like a toddler just because she is black and a woman.

To think otherwise is preposterous. When liberals try to play the race and gender card, it merely means they have no other argument. It means they have lost the debate. The rules of tennis will not change. No amount of whining will ever make that happen. So, what can we learn from Williams?

Be better. Be honest. Be willing to take consequences for your actions or inactions, and accept your loss like a good sport. There are good winners and good losers. There are also poor winners and poor losers. We know which category Serena Williams belongs in.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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