Twitter Twattle: Jack Dorsey and the Silencing of Conservatwitter

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Alex Jones Banned From Twitter

Well, most knew it would happen. There is no point in acting surprised. Like him or not, surely anyone with any sense can see that the banning of Alex Jones and Infowars from both Twitter and Periscope is only the beginning. Jones has a history of controversial content, which some might consider abusive.

There are several hypocrisies to point out here. One is that Twitter seems to not notice other abusive behaviors, such as James Gunn's pedophilic tweets. Many accounts have threatened the life of the President of the United States. Others encourage harm to the President’s minor child. The only reason some abusive tweets are not still up is because the user deleted them.

Bias? What Bias?

It gets particularly irritating when Jack Dorsey issues statements which are incredibly misleading or downright dishonest. Jack Dorsey has been running a campaign to counter and discredit Project Veritas, which has outed him and his team as leftist fascists hell-bent on controlling and stifling the right to free speech. Hundreds of well known conservative voices have been silenced in this way.

New Right Network has recently experienced censorship attacks in which viewer counts across all platforms have been repressed. This all-out attack on free speech is not new; the question is, will NRN be silenced next? It seems a coordinated attack on conservative journalists has been launched by the very people feeding America fake news.


Twitter has also stated it will be closely investigating any account that is linked to Alex Jones. The problem, besides stalking accounts with intentions of booting them off twitter, is that they decide what is considered abusive behavior. Just as they decided what hate speech was, they are attempting to redefine what is free speech.

Twitter has even been guilty of repressing the accounts of the President of the United States. This is an account all Americans are supposed to have access to, according to the court who decided he cannot block anyone from viewing his account. Why then, is his account being repressed? As mentioned already, Twitter is guilty of several hypocrisies.


Some folks are urging people to get on Gab. That feels a lot like running away with your tail between your legs. However, ways to combat the partisan efforts of Twitter to silence conservatives have had mixed effects. Big Tech has figured out ways to shadowban while avoiding detection of crawlers designed to find them.

Trump Trains have done a bit of good, but not much. Twitter's new algorithms are turning them into nothing more than an echo chamber. Which begs the question, “how is that supposed to help the health of the conversation?” Regardless of whether you feel bad for Alex Jones, the truth is, with him banned permanently from Twitter, conservative outlets are right to wonder if the cannon is now being aimed at them.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor, Senior Contributor
I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all around, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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