Florence Inflicts Damage Long After Rain Stops

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Damage From Florence Continues

Over the weekend, as Florence continued its slow crawl inland dropping copious amounts of rain, the storm has claimed at least 12 lives, and there are more evacuations as fears grow. Florence is now being referred to as a “Category 5 Flood Threat,” and residents of North and South Carolina will struggle for weeks with flooding issues after the storm has left these areas. AccuWeather and Weather.com along with The National Hurricane Center have also issued warnings to residents in the path of the storm and have provided a map of the storms’ “Eye Path.” NOAA has also issued river flood warnings as far south as Florida.

According to the extended weather forecast for next week, residents in parts of West Virginia and Northern Virginia should be prepared for major flooding and mudslides in the Appalachian area. Residents in D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut will feel effects of Florence and should be prepared for flash flooding and major flooding along streams and rivers.

Be Prepared

  • Heavy rain is forecast to cause catastrophic flooding.
  • 40 inches total rainfall is possible due to Florence’s slow movement
  • Record river flooding is forecast in parts of the Carolinas into next week.

Where Help is Coming From

Along with President Trump’s swift action, last Monday in mobilizing FEMA, The National Guard, Active Military, and volunteer groups, “celebrities, sports teams, universities, and businesses are stepping up to the plate to help raise support, contribute donations and bring relief to the storm victims in need.

All three professional sports teams in the Carolinas -the Hornets of the NBA, the Panthers of the NFL, and the Hurricanes of the NHL- have released statements of support for their home states” as reported by YahooSports.com.

Another group which needs to be congratulated for their help in hurricane rescue is The Cajun Navy as seen during Hurricane Harvey and now again with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence. Working through Thursday night into Friday as the storm hit, the Cajun Navy resorted to using air mattresses as a way of floating residents to safety because their Air Boats were being toppled by the strong winds. With little sleep, “they helped to rescue more than 150 people, including terrified parents, their sleepy toddlers, and scores of elderly trapped in attics, as water moved higher and higher inside their homes.”

Taylor Fontenot, Texas captain of the all-volunteer group known as America’s Cajun Navy, was quoted as saying, “Man, last night was insane!” as he worked alongside police and firefighters saving residents from the storm surge and flooding in the riverfront city of New Bern, N.C.

Heed Local Warnings

Looking ahead as Florence continues its slow and catastrophic trek, all residents in the projected path of the storm should follow their local weather forecasts and take necessary precautions.

As of Sunday- 'Storm has never been so dangerous.'


  • Wilmington, N.C., among other communities cut off by flood waters

4:00 pm

  • Avoid North Carolina Entirely
  • Slope Collapse at N.C. Power Plant
  • Florence May Bring Serious Health Issues
  • Death Toll On The Rise in South Carolina

8:30 p.m.

  • North Carolina ravished by Florence
  • Rescues still underway due to flooding
  • Volunteers Preparing for Flash Flooding

New Right Network continues to monitor Tropical Storm Florence.

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