Update - Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall

Image from NOAA

The National Weather Service Calls Florence the Storm of a Lifetime

Making landfall this morning at 7:15 a.m. near Wrightsville Beach, NC, as a category 1 hurricane, Florence is still classified as a life-threatening storm because of the winds, rainfall amounts, and massive storm surge.

As of 9:30 a.m. North Carolina Emergency Management reported more than 400,000 residents are without power as Florence’s eye moves offshore towards South Carolina. Florence’s track remains the same as reported earlier.

“The National Hurricane Center reported Florence had sustained winds of 90 mph at landfall and was moving slowly westward at 6 mph. The storm is expected to slowly begin weakening later today and this evening, but will continue to have significant impacts across the Carolinas.

Life-threatening storm surges and hurricane-force winds are expected to continue even as Florence moves inland, while very heavy rainfall, upwards of 20 inches in some locations, will cause catastrophic flooding across portions of North and South Carolina into the weekend.”

Florence is a large but slow-moving storm, and forecasters are saying the damage from this hurricane could mirror what Houston experienced with Hurricane Harvey last year.

Rescue efforts started in New Bern, NC, where approximately 200 residents were reported stranded due to the flooding and strong storm surge. Additional rescues have already been made in Fairfield Harbor, Adams Creek, and Township 7.

WILMINGTON, NC (AP) - Rising water forced a North Carolina TV station to evacuate its newsroom in the middle of Hurricane Florence coverage.

Hours before the storm made landfall Friday, workers at New Bern's WCTI-TV NewsChannel 12 had to abandon their studio.

Weathering the Storm

Even though over one million residents were ordered to evacuate, some locals have chosen not to heed those warnings and are riding out the storm in North Carolina and South Carolina. Most notably, two neighbors on Carolina Beach, NC (an island) have stocked bottled water, canned food, a shortwave radio, and are looking after their pets altogether in one home.

Important Information

This morning at approximately 9:30 a.m., President Trump retweeted The Department of Defense’s message that more than 7,000 Service Members at the U.S. National Guard and Active Duty are standing by to assist as Hurricane Florence hits the East Coast. You can read more here.

Be aware of changing conditions and follow instructions to remain safe and prepared during this dangerous storm. During the hurricane, Xfinity WiFi hotspots are open to ALL in your area until noon 9/17. Go to Xfinity for more information.

Status of Hurricane Florence

AS OF 1:35 PM

It was reported from Wilmington, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as Hurricane Florence makes landfall, heavy rains continue to fall and trees and power lines are down. There is major flooding with water levels up to the tops of car tires and higher in some areas.

Counties in North Carolina have issued tornado warnings to residents.

AS OF 2:43 PM

Wilmington, NC, Police Department has confirmed the first fatalities of Hurricane Florence when a tree fell on a home killing a mother and her infant. The father was transported to NHRMC with injuries.

AS OF 3:00 PM

FEMA reported that this is just the beginning of slow-moving Hurricane Florence and there is much more to come over the next 48 hours.

90 mph winds, heavy rains, and a deadly storm surge of 20 feet is causing and will continue to cause massive flooding in North and South, Carolina.

AS OF 4:00 PM

Death toll rises to four, many are in need of rescue, and flooding could cut off Myrtle Beach. Weather.com is reporting that “it’s going to get bad.”

New Right Network will continue to monitor Hurricane Florence as it makes its slow trip North from the Carolina’s up through the Appalachian area and on to Pennsylvania. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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