Stacey Abrams Vs. Brian Kemp: Immigration Led the Governor Debate in Georgia

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First Debate in the Georgia Race for Governor

A tense discussion took place Tuesday night in what was the initial debate between the candidates for the Georgia election of governor. The candidates are radical Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. The debate was of a very personal nature. This is a very heated and close race despite Georgia being traditionally a very conservative state.

Among the issues debated were the allegations of voter suppression. Kemp was accused by Abrams of trying to suppress the Black vote. The NAACP has alleged votes for Abram’s were changed to Republican. This is a charge typically made by the left to excuse their loosing. Abrams went as far as to ask Brian Kemp to step down. Kemp has held steady and vowed not to resign. Kemp said “he is absolutely not” suppressing minority voters. He called these defamatory allegations “a farce.”

Immigration Was a Hot Topic During the Debate

Immigration also played a significant role in the debate. Kemp alleged that there was illegal voter fraud. Abrams had previously stated the blue wave would include both legal and illegal immigrants or, as she referred to them, documented and undocumented. This is the way the left refers to those who violate our national sovereignty. Despite having been on record when she said this, Abrams denies saying it, stating that she “has never in my life asked for anyone who is not legally eligible to vote, to allow them to cast their ballots.”

During the debate, Kemp accused Abrams of cheating on her taxes. Kemp asserted that unlike Abrams he has always paid his taxes. Taxes were a contentious issue in the debate.

Kemp vowed to stand for conservative values and also oppose illegal aliens and the looming threat of socialism. Abrams touted the so-called DACA children and claimed that they could contribute to Georgia. Kemp stands with The President and his agenda to Make America Great.

The contrast between the candidates is clear. Abrams is a far left Democrat candidate who supports voting rights for illegals. She is uncharacteristic of Georgia which is a red state. While she may hope for a blue wave, her method seems more to change the electorate instead of trying to convince the actual citizens of Georgia based on the merit of her arguments. The Democrat strategy in many cases seems to be if you cannot convince the current electorate, have illegals vote for your cause instead. Vote Brian Kemp and Keep Georgia Great!

Seth Ian / Guest Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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