RIGHT NOW: Andrew Torba Interview, Censorship Is the Problem, Gab Is the Answer

What is Gab?

We at New Right Network were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab. Torba started Gab over two years ago with one goal in mind- create a social media outlet that actually supports free speech for everyone. Today, Gab has close to 700,000 users and is adding almost 100,000 every month, so the social site is on the rise. Torba has faced backlash from other tech giants in his pursuit of free speech, but that has not stopped him from pushing forward with what he believes is right. You are going to want to listen to our live streamed interview, it is huge!

Censorship is the Enemy

In today’s online climate, censorship is a commonplace idea. Rarely can the major social media giants go a day without slamming the ban hammer on an outspoken personality that they, or their advertisers, do not like. Andrew Torba hits the nail on the head in this interview in describing the motives of the “socials.” He explains that they are looking to censor and ban individuals for one of two reasons: 1) Political agendas that are in direct opposition to what the individual is saying, or 2) advertisers use their monetary-might to remove topics/ideas that they feel negatively affects them.

They’re effectively testing these censorship tools on Americans, violating their ability to speak freely… — Andrew Torba 

You are viewed as a commodity by the major social networks which means that when you become a liability, they cut you out to appease investors and advertisers. Those looking to promote free speech have huge problems with both of the reasons above. There was a time when most of the major socials promoted free speech. In today’s tech climate, however, very few stand for free speech like Andrew Torba and Gab.

Free Speech is the Goal

You may be wondering how Gab promotes free speech in the world of censorship and bans. It is easy, they do not have advertisers, and they are not beholden to any political agendas. You create the content and Gab gives you the opportunity to monetize that content. Taking the biggest threats to free speech (money and politics) out of the narrative protects the continuity of the site and its mission. The common man is what makes Gab grow and move forward, and move forward it has! Free speech has been Andrew’s goal since day one. He had an idea that free speech would be popular and he was right!

Speak Your Mind

Andrew Torba is adamant that free speech is the focus, and we believe him. The questions that we asked him were - What does that mean? Are there certain things that are regulated? Is anything off limits? Torba did a great job clearing this up. Gab goes along with the laws of the land. Normal, common sense ideas are what dictate things at Gab. You cannot post things that are illegal, no doxing people and no spamming the site with malicious content. Torba did a great job on fully explaining Gab’s stance so make sure you listen to the full interview, but that gives you a good idea of where they are coming from.

We want to empower creators, and empower the people. — Andrew Torba

Gab is apolitical, not looking to limit or censor any political affiliation or belief system. All are welcome, and all are given their freedom to speak! Andrew was very adamant that this will not change, freedom of thought is too ingrained into the fabric of Gab. Even though the site was initially adopted by many conservatives or right-leaning users due to rampant banning on the other major socials, Gab is now proud to boast large numbers of liberal and left-leaning users as well. It is truly a place for everyone’s ideas and viewpoints. You can speak your mind on Gab.

Freedom is the Future

When you have a good thing going, becoming popular is not a problem. The same is true for social media platforms. Andrew Torba is seeing massive growth in the Gab platform. With over 100,000 users being added monthly, it is not taking long for Gab to grow into a social site that competes with major sites like Twitter and Facebook. When a river is flowing, the water always takes the easiest route. The world is always striving for freedom. As the tech giants continue to clamp down with censorship and banning, freedom lovers of the world will naturally flow down the path of most freedom. Gab is well on it’s way to being that path.

We want to thank Andrew, once again, for taking the time to sit down with us. Make sure you go and sign up for an account on Gab if you don’t already have one. Freedom is the future, and Gab is already there!

Bradley Brewer / Senior Contributor
Bradley Brewer is a pro-life Christian, conservative writer and citizen journalist. He supports the Constitution as it is written and defends his right to bear arms. In his spare time, he "tries" to play golf.
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