German Chancellor No More! Angela Merkel STEPS DOWN

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Angela Merkel Will NOT Run for Reelection

In a stunning surprise, German Chancellor and avid globalist Angela Merkel announced she will not seek reelection in 2021. According to Breitbart News, Angela Merkel will “relinquish control of the Christian Democratic Union in December.” This announcement comes after yet another humiliating defeat in a local election. Merkel has lost control of the party.

Merkel and her Social Democrat partners were defeated in a recent election. In a statement, Merkel told reporters, “It’s time today for me to start a new chapter.” Merkel is like the Hillary Clinton of German politics vastly unpopular yet keeps bragging. Merkel held onto power for a very long time despite vast unpopularity.


Her pro open borders policies have made Germany a more dangerous place. The most widespread anti Semitism in contemporary Germany comes from Muslim migrants. They have even stopped Holocaust education in some German schools because it offends Muslims.

Germans Celebrate in the Streets

Merkel advocates granting mass asylum to migrants teaming over the border. She has possibly caused irreversible damage to Germany. There have been a number of attacks on Germans by Muslim migrants. The native population feels in many ways under siege.


In addition, Merkel has been a fierce defender of The EU and globalism. She put the interests of Brussels before her country. People on the ground are already celebrating the end of her rule. Germans can already sense the freedom from, what President Trump refers to as, “the false song of globalism.”

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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