“Beer, Sex, and Words; Oh My!”: The Left Are the New Puritans

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Protestant Reformation Beginning

On October 31, 1617, Martin Luther, a German monk, wrote 95 theses and nailed them to the Wittenberg Door in Germany detailing the rabid disgraces of the Roman Catholic Church machine. Everything from the unholy use of indulgences which is basically paying your way to heaven, to papal abuses, were all written down in detail for the public to see.

This started the Reformation and the use of term Protestant. Catholics and others who read these 95 points began questioning the Church and in turn, the Biblical teachings of the Christian faith. Next, came a great religious divide between Catholics and Protestants.

Church and State Separation

Fast forward to the years when the colonization of America occurred. The story of the Pilgrims is familiar one, where they made the attempt to escape the Church of England by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive on Plymouth rock, in what is now the state of Massachusetts.

These folks held onto what they described as the pure faith as described by the words of Christ found in the Scriptures that were transcribed by King James of 1611. Many of these folks abided by these words from what is now known as the King James translation.

The Pilgrims were part of the Puritan blend of the Christian faith: staunch literalists of scripture, articulate, educated, and very strict in adherence. Ideals such as no drinking, sexual abstinence, and an insatiable work ethic are what defined them. It was that same idealistic drive that spurred the productive spirit as far as work and Americanism to be what is now.

Puritanism Paradigm Shift towards Liberalism

Fast forward again 300+ years to when the Puritanical spirit was almost stamped out with liberalism. Within liberalism, rather than sexual abstinence, there is sexual delinquency; rather than no drinking, there is an overabundance of drinking that leads to rampant drunkenness; and, rather than a formidable work ethic, there is sense of entitlement not known to exist in colonial history.

This is the paradigm shift experienced over the course of the last 70 years. It also included stamping out of expressions of Christian faith from the public sphere and keeping such religious fervor private.


The Left has shown its fangs in broad daylight. Between Maxine Waters calling for full harassment of Trump Administration officials, to Eric Holder twisting Michelle Obama’s words of “When they go low, we go high.” The Holder twist is: “When they go low, we kick them!” The final nail in the coffin of civility comes from Hillary Clinton who flat out said those who opposed them cannot expect civility until they agree with them.

As soon as Brett Kavanaugh was inaugurated as the next SCOTUS, a brand new shift occurred. The strangest shift, at that. The Left has become the new Puritans. Again, Puritans were known in their day, as caricature figures of moral propriety: Stiff-necked, religious folks who hated sex, did not drink, farmed all day with no desire to develop, grow, evolve with the changing times. This, became equated with Christianity.

Not a Theocracy

Remember the Religious Right, a politicized form of Christianity that tried to instill state legislated morality while many of those leaders failed morally, such as: Jim Jones, televangelists scraping for money in the form of donations and some politicians who espoused Christian perspectives attempted to legislate biblical morality upon everything.

Nothing wrong with biblical morality, but America is not a theocracy. It is a Constitutional Republic wherein the separation of church and state decrees that no religion should be instituted by the government, so as to keep the government in its lane while churches and religious groups are free to do what they want to do, within the realm of civil law.

Granted, this by no means prohibits the American public to be free from religion, which means a religious person can enter politics and filter their policies through their respective worldview so long as it adheres to Constitutional principles which, let it be stated here, is why Islam and the Sharia Law it comes packaged with, cannot and will never work within the United States government since that very system itself goes against all for which the Constitution stands.

Hypocritical Hearing

During the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, as well as the ensuing Blasey-Ford circus he was put through, he announced to the world that he likes beer. During a media interview to speak out against her accusations, he announced to the world he married as as virgin.

MSM talking points went from guilty of rape and running gang rape parties in high school, to his temperament because he threw ice at someone at a party. Then, the press began calling into scrutiny on how alcohol, when consumed in copious amounts, could lead to rape which is how allegedly, Kavanaugh raped Ford, because he was blackout drunk. That is the new narrative on the accusation: alcohol is rape.

Not even the Puritans went so far as to label booze to be something that evil. The fact that the possibility of drinking alcohol could lead to drunk sex or inebriated, consensual sex where it leads to regret, negating previous consent, is now rape, according to the Left’s entire argument. Therefore, it clearly means beer equals rape, according to leftists.

Don’t Have Sex

One would think that they were listening to a staunch, independent Bible-toting Southern Baptist preacher talking about the wiles of sexual exploits and that it should not be partaken of, due to the incessant nature of passion and that sex is degrading upon the soul of man, so save it for marriage.

More or less, the Puritans were characterized as prohibitionists, sexually prudish workaholics and have been for the last century. However, it now seems the train of thought of the Left is inadvertently pushing for sexual abstinence.

Because sexual contact is rape, considering that consensual sex can be regretted after the act, and thus the prior consent given is null and void, thus making said sexual activity a rape. Since rape is not something any person should ever experience, the Left says, “Don’t have sex anymore.”

“Stop Saying Words!”

On top of the insanity coming from the Left, words tend to mean different things, can hurt, and apparently matter. To be clear, by the Left, one can lump the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Antifa, Democrat Socialists and anyone else who tends to generally lean Left of Sean Hannity. Words play an important role in defining the meaning of something. It is definitely more true though, that actions speak louder than words.

Interestingly enough, during an interview, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin had a problem with the word, “mob”. Apparently, CNN will not stand for using the “m-word”. In the same light, is it not funny that same network, the ally news network who stand by black Americans, allows the use of the word “negro” when describing Kanye West’s recent trips to see President Trump?

The quote in question was, “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.” Look up CNN analyst Bakari Sellers for the quote. In the same panel discussion, Tara Setmayer stated that, “Kanye is the token negro of the Trump administration.” Unseemingly, it is alright for CNN to air potential racially degrading words from a group of black people aimed at another black man they disagree with, but the word “mob” is unacceptable to air? It is quite hilarious to think people have a problem with words which hold no power, if one does not allow them to.

The Power Given Words

Owen Benjamin, a very successful conservative comedian once told a joke regarding how in his neighborhood when he was a younger boy, he held a paper route. He would ride that bike hard to deliver papers around his area. One day, his bike was stolen and he caught the culprit. It was one of the three black guys living in his town. He ends the joke with, “That ‘nigga’ stole my bike!” Obviously upon reading this, one would think Owen Benjamin is racist because he used the word, “nigga’”.

On the other hand, if one were to think logically, people should not be outraged about a word that was not used in a pejorative sense, but instead have qualms about theft and larceny of a child’s bike. Again, in the seemingly crazy politically correct world some people live in, black people call each other ‘nigga’ all the livelong day, but when anyone else who says that word, it is racism.

According to that sense of political correctness then, no non-Asian person should ever go near a sushi restaurant or even use chopsticks there, because it is an Asian thing and no one should ever use them at all because, well, racism. That is the political correct (PC) logic of today.

Defy Puritanical Censorship

Instead of shutting down free speech through PC policing, people do need to touch on taboos and spit them back onto the faces of the Left who are trying to censor our love for God, guns, beer, significant others and fun.

As an American, let Owen Benjamin say whatever he chooses. Along with his freedom to speak, let all people go forward using words that bring into the public arena, the Left’s hypocrisy.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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