Bombs, Sucker Punches and Pedophiles...This Is Civility to the Hollywood Left

CNN bomb, mailed suspicious package
Image from FBI and CNN

Conservatives Are Just Not Radical

There are now ten suspicious packages in total which have arrived to Democrats’ homes, the White House and the CNN headquarters. Here are the facts. Pipe bombs were sent out in an apparent attempt to harm Hillary Clinton and other leading Democrats. Arrests have not yet been made, but if anyone is trying to detonate Hillary, the first place they should look would be her husband, Bill. The last place people would look would be the other side of the political aisle. The very nature of conservatism suggests abhorrence to radical behavior. That side is getting extremely sloppy.

The communist propaganda media, and the Hollywood Left, immediately mobilized to blame Trump for these bombs. Later in the day, #MAGABomber trended on Twitter to peg the blame on a Trump supporter. Shocking, right? They are incapable of looking at the facts. Rob Reiner, and his band of genius Hollywood Democrat friends, started immediately with their anti-Trump rhetoric. They spouted the same old, tired talking points. The same ones that most people could now easily recite in their sleep. Yawn! Much like an America’s Funniest Home Videos clip of a drunk man playing t-ball, they whiffed and managed to hit themselves in the genitals.

We Are Not Buying What They Sell Any Longer

As leftist Hollywood Democrats take to Twitter to say that Trump has incited the hate that birthed ten mail bombs, they have tuned out the violent mob tactics of liberals over the past couple of years. Somehow, in their warped world, they do not count. While they cry about the United States Postal Service being used in an attempt to mail bomb Democrats, they forget to mention that, earlier this month, a man with an unhealthy fixation on the fiscal one percent mailed ricin to Trump, Ted Cruz, and various cabinet members. Hollywood seems to have also forgotten that a rampaging left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter shot up congressional Republicans during their softball practice. Steve Scalise was nearly killed in that incident.


Trump hating liberal, Farzad Fazeli, stabbed Republican House candidate Rudy Peters and a pair of Republican candidates in Minnesota were physically assaulted. Minnesota state representative Sarah Anderson was punched and chased by a male, liberal assailant (not Keith Ellison). First-time state representative candidate Shane Mekeland suffered a concussion after getting sucker punched in a restaurant by a Democrat staffer. We could go on and on with examples of violent Democrat behavior that has occurred since they lost the election in 2016. The Left have not only failed to condemn these attacks, but they, along with their Hollywood counterparts, use daily rhetoric that actually calls for more violence. Does anyone remember when Peter Fonda suggested Barron Trump should be raped by pedophiles?

To lay the pipe bombs at the feet of Trump or Republicans is, at best, intellectual dishonesty. It may even be safe to say that our side has absolutely nothing to do with it at all. The timing of the bombs, the ease in which they were found and the extreme coverage of them, does not even pass the smell test. If the person who actually did this is ever found (and no Democrat sounds like they are eager to find the perpetrator) you will likely find that this was a false flag operation designed to steer the narrative away from the self-evident mob violence of the Left. Or at least to make it look like both sides are responsible. Most would bet their 401K that this was one of their October surprises meant to salvage what may be left of a lethargic ‘blue wave.’ It was a last ditch attempt to remain relevant in this patriotic climate, clearly steering away from the anti-American agenda. Americans are finally awake and proud. They no longer buy in to the globalist, leftist agenda. They love Trump because he puts their country first. They are resolute. Even fake bombs cannot sway them.

Brian James / Journalist
Brian James grew up just out of bullet range of Detroit. He was raised on the work of Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Snorri Sturluson. Eventually, he went on to college where he majored in History. While he never realized his dream to become a heavier version of Indiana Jones, he did wind up writing for a number of magazines, newspapers, websites, and Fortune 500 companies. Politically he is a constitutional purist who believes in life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the idea that anti-American “progressives” should be waterboarded with their own tears until they start thinking right.
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