Christine Blasey Ford: The Nail In #MeToo Coffin

The Left's Hypocrisy With the #MeToo Movement

Since Trump took office the legacy media, socialist groups, leftist publications, have been expressing their outrage for the past few years while staring into the face of a rising economy, unemployment numbers dropping, lower taxes, peace on the Korean peninsula, and revenues increasing in the job market.

According to the left, Obama built all this and is considered a “great man” by those same people, although based on the numbers, timing, and the person currently residing in the Oval Office proves that current numbers have nothing to do with Obama.

The #MeToo Movement is a Societal Bane

More than anything, what is currently happening may be the absolute end to a movement long thought to be the biggest bane within society. New Right Network partner Deanna Lorraine stated that what was once a virtuous movement to expose power corruption from Hollywood has rapidly de-evolved into man-hating feminism. Lorraine’s statement could not be more true today. Unfortunately, the movement has become a political weapon.

The Weaponization of #MeToo

The #MeToo movement started by exposing super producer and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company who produced some of the biggest movies in the last two decades. He was a powerhouse in both Hollywood and by proxy of his position, Washington D.C., as evidenced by the many photos of him standing with some big-name political figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Do not forget that he also had some big name actors and actresses who were his friends too; such as, Chelsea Handler, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow among many more.

It was not until 2017 that Asia Argento released a list of women who confessed to being raped, assaulted, or harassed by Weinstein over the last 20 years. This prompted the #MeToo campaign. Women all over, once it was exposed that Weinstein was a deviant and removed from the MPAA, began telling their story of sexual harassment and assault and the hashtag #MeToo went viral all over Twitter.

The movement exposed the likes of comedian Louie C.K. who reportedly forced women to watch him masturbate into a houseplant. It also exposed superstar actor Kevin Spacey who lost his Netflix role on the series 'House of Cards' for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old male in his high rise. George Takei, noted for his role as Hikaru Sulu on the television series Star Trek, was also found out to be also a sexual assaulter of young boys.

While this movement did bring to light the deviancy of Hollywood, instead of bringing to the forefront all of these perversions, it de-evolved into something more sinister and even more divisive than it was intended.

Listen and Believe

Hillary Clinton coined the phrase, “listen and believe” which simply stated that any woman anywhere who says she has been sexually harassed, assaulted, or raped should be listened to and believed. (unless it was her husband’s accusers, of course.)

This opened the door to criminalizing anyone based on a simple accusation. No due process, no investigation, and no way out for those who are in fact innocent. Fast forward to today, because of all the false allegations like Duke Lacrosse and UVA Mattress Girl, the #MeToo movement itself is on its death throes.

Delay Tactics

Upon the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who is a Constitutionalist, the left has been wrought with fervor to halt not just his swearing-in but even the nomination process from occurring. Harken back to the nomination hearing where Senator Cory Booker did not just go out of his bounds, but disregarded any protocol, and even put his entire job in jeopardy to halt the proceedings.

Then out of nowhere, this woman, Christine Blasey Ford emerges unto the scene with allegations from 36 years ago claiming that during a high school party, a then 17-year-old Maryland high school student Brett Kavanaugh and friends took Christine to a back room, drunk at a party, and groped her while covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming. This allegation took many to be a shock and caused many to become either gravely suspicious or flagrant allies.

While Republicans and conservatives heard this and raised an eyebrow, while letting this woman speak her mind, the moment this woman claimed “sexual assault and trauma from this event,” feminists everywhere from Alyssa Milano to your feminist neighbor all stood, fists raised like Che Guevara, with Blasey Ford in solidarity. This led to two more supposed allegations of sexual assault accusations against Judge Kavanaugh.

Suspicions Arose Concerning Dr. Ford

As the facts began to emerge about this psychology professor from Palo Alto University, it raised suspicions that many are honed in on. Some stated that her coming out was revenge for her parents, as they had a foreclosure case dismissed by Martha Kavanaugh, Brett’s mother back in 1996. She is also noted to be rated between a two and three as a professor and is known to go after students who do not agree with her point of view.

Dr. Ford also seemed to have an issue with conservatives, she posted on her Facebook, “Scalia types must be banned from law.” Her accusations were met with extreme scrutiny as she could not remember the house, location, how she got there, who had the party, and only to then remember that anything happened a couple of years ago, failing to remember the names during a counseling session.

Regardless of these points (of which Snopes claim they are false or mostly false, of course!), she was given a chance to testify on Monday, September 24, 2018. She resisted that chance and requested the FBI do a formal investigation of her accusation and into Judge Kavanaugh. Senator Grassley ultimately allowed the delay yet again until the following Thursday.

The Nail in the #MeToo Coffin

There are several reasons why Ford will be the nail in the #MeToo coffin. Men are already running in the opposite direction of American women. Due to the frightening nature of feminism and how it has de-evolved into this toxic femininity, men are rightly concerned as it seems that no man is safe from being persecuted over a simple accusation. To the left, an accusation now means “guilty, period!” With fewer men willing to put themselves on the line for women, more men will stand by and do nothing allowing real predators to harm women who do not care for rule of law, unlike the decent men that are out there.

As more and more victims emerge, due to the nature of how #MeToo is handled, real victims will not be taken as seriously as they should. The false allegations that have flooded the courts will do more damage to real sexual assault victims causing more harm to women, which is what the movement is trying to minimize for the sake of womanhood.

After the FBI investigation and Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Christine Blasey Ford returned no corroboration, her #MeToo moment sparked many to abandon the progressive Democratic party. Dragging a man through the mud with no presumption of innocence or due process caused the feminist movement to move backward. Linda Tripp of The Daily Mail says "Christine Blasey Ford has set the MeToo movement back a decade by ‘weaponizing’ unsubstantiated allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh."

Future Unification

Ironically, the unsubstantiated claims against Brett Kavanaugh paved the way to his confirmation as SCOTUS and could also pave the way for a Trump 2020 sealed victory, ensuring another four years in office.

It might also lead to a reuniting of the male and female as obviously the feminist movement has done nothing to patch up the animosity that exists. Perhaps Christine Blasey Ford is the #MeToo mistake needed to reconcile men and woman and have them to work things out, develop lasting full relationships, and in turn create a stronger, vibrant, prosperous, and better American society because men and women are not enemies, but co-laborers and complementarians of each other.

Christine Blasey Ford has sealed the fate of the #MeToo movement and feminism as a whole. People are awakening and eyes are wide open. The movements will die, as it needs to so that men and women can get on with their lives and be men and women. Men and women who interact, fall in love, date, have fun, live their lives, get married, have kids, and start that process all over again because that is how culture grows.

The #MeToo movement stunted this growth, and people are seeing that it needs to die, and hopefully, Christine Blasey Ford will be the final nail in feminism’s coffin before the monstrosity of a movement is finally laid to rest, and we can go back to being, men and women.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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