Keith Ellison Vs. Judge Kavanaugh: Democrats Try Leading the Public Down a Dangerous Path

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Working for the People or for Themselves

In the last two weeks, there has been a major firestorm break out within the halls of government. When the government works for the people, these types of things would not be so frequent and ongoing. They would be nipped in the bud, so to speak, by those elected officials who do understand their job. The government does not appear to work for the people, however. The current government seems to work for itself.

Seemingly, they are accountable to no one and are, therefore, free to do as they please up to, and including, ignoring our Constitution. It is no longer, 'innocent until proven guilty, but is now, 'guilty until proven innocent.' At least for one particular political party.

Allegation Patty Cake

The way supposed leaders are playing patty cake with Dr. Ford, who has come out of the woodwork with a sexual allegation, at the final hour of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings to the Supreme Court, is extremely embarrassing. She, like typical democrats, has demanded special treatment, called for extensions, and is making a mockery of the whole of our judicial system. The fact that she is being treated with kid gloves, and is allowed to play the game her way, shows the American people just who runs this country and its judicial system.

It is not the wonderful president. It is not the Republicans. It is not the independents. It is the deep state, and the Democrats, who are making the rules up as they go along. Laws were not meant for them to be worked around, or broken when it suits the party. What a travesty!

Allegation Denied

While the left makes their own rulebook and is never truly subject to the same scrutiny that everyone else seems to be, the continual extreme double standard is playing out before the public’s eyes. It is maddening.

A perfect example of this hypocritical scrutiny would be Keith Ellison, a former congressman and current co-chairman of the DNC. He is running for attorney general of Minnesota. He has been controversial in the past, especially with his ties to Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam. Now there are claims of physical abuse by his former girlfriend, and not many, if any, Democrats will stand up to denounce him. In fact, Ellison has claimed that she fabricated the story and that many women have done that. At least, Republican women do, because Dr. Ford should be heard and believed. Naturally, a Democrat woman would never do such a thing.

Karen Monahan has stated that she was physically and emotionally abused by Ellison. She has sought help from the police, has pictures of her battered face, witnesses who have seen him assault her, and medical files to corroborate it all. Not one high ranking Democrat has come out to denounce Ellison, or even suggest that he has no business running for attorney general. Not one.

In one of her recent tweets, she has come out stating that she is now aware of what she was dealing with, in regards to Ellison. She called him a full-blown narcissist and works with other abused women to help them deal with the same type of abuse. The fact that not many, if any, high placed person within the democrat party, DNC, or the media, has come out with the facts of this case, or to question Ellison's guilt or innocence, should scare each and every American.

Unfair Play

Totalitarianism is defined by Wikipedia as, “a political concept that defines a mode of government, which prohibits opposition parties, restricts individual opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises high degree of control over public and private life.” People are witnessing deep state totalitarianism within the government.

This is precisely what is playing out in front of the public’s eyes. There is one man, who has been an upstanding citizen, a respected judge, a family man, and trusted to sit on the highest court in our country, being raked through the proverbial mud by Democrats in power, and their faithful media. Why? One woman claims that over 30 years ago, in high school, she was assaulted by him. She has no witnesses, no proof, nothing but her word.

There is another man, who has not been close to respected in the same way, having made inflammatory and racist remarks, having ties to radical extremists, having been accused of a crime with plenty of evidence to back it up, and his actions are being virtually ignored by all. What is going on here?

Foul Underbelly Exposed

It is the power of the deep state wielding its ugly head. The foul underbelly of power is being exposed as it tries desperately to remain powerful. This is wholly unfair and outrageous, and yet there is no recourse. Or is there? This system of power has been up and running for decades.

The public watched as Richard Nixon resigned before impeachment, and how Bill Clinton stayed in office after impeachment. History witnessed numerous women accusing Clinton of rape and assault. These women were pushed aside by the Clintons, Democrats and the media who made light of such claims. Only when it benefits them would they denounce sexual harassment. Power gave them the upper hand.

If not for the election of Donald J. Trump as president, none of this would have ever seen the light of day. Their power yielding stronghold would have kept on. At least it is now possible to see it for what it is. That is a very good start. The public is now privy to the truth and has something to work with, where they did not before. People are starting to get some power back. Slowly, but surely.

Truth Seekers

Fortunately, there are investigative journalists, like Laura Loomer, who risk their safety and their reputation, to provide the public with the truth. Loomer has been covering Keith Ellison closely and helping to make sure the people are aware of his actions.

There is not a fair system of journalism in the mainstream media. It is a deep state controlled media. Thanks to those like Loomer, and many others, who risk all so that the people can decide truth through honest reporting. Hopefully, one day, freedom from the oppression of the media and the deep state will return. Justice will truly be served. Those who have abused their power will be held accountable. That will be a glorious day indeed!

In the meantime, remain vigilant and strong in the face of the brutal, unsubstantiated onslaught. Stand with those like Kavanaugh and show that people cannot be manipulated. Denounce those like Ellison. Help to bring the truth to light on social media, on the streets, and wherever one is given the opportunity. Know that truth always wins. We have that on our side. We always will.

Amy LaFrance / Assistant Editor
I have a BA in English Lit, with a focus on journalism. I minored in communications, as well. I've had many political editorials published. I'm also a creative writer and blogger. I love our president and support him 100%. It's time to fight back!
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  1. Ford was on roofies and was an accessory to crimes committed by not reporting the alleged gang rapes. No one cares on the Left. Ellison has all but admitted his guilt. The Left made excuses for the Democrat black Muslim. Boof.




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