Dianne Feinstein Is Familiar With Revealing Evidence to the Press

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We Need Some Clarity on the Leaking of Dr. Ford's Documents

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wanted to remain anonymous while taking part in an organized smear campaign determined to stop, resist, and obstruct the SCOTUS nominee confirmation hearing. It is unclear whether she was a willing participant or a mere pawn. Either way, it is a he said versus she said conflict.

What is clear is that the Democrats are unified in using the accusation. What is clear is that this woman’s name was leaked to the press. What is clear is that sound bites from the accuser’s testimony were quoted and restated over and over, instead of questions being asked by Democrats. What is clear is that the Republicans treated the woman kindly and respectfully. What is clear is that Rachel Mitchell asked appropriate, well prepared, intelligent, carefully thought out questions in a gentle, encouraging, supportive manner. What is unclear is who leaked the woman’s name? The accuser testified she told two political offices. One of them was Senator Diane Feinstein’s D-CA.

History of Revealing Evidence

While some argue there is not, yet, a factual link to Feinstein herself as the one leaking Ford’s name, there is a pattern in her history that comes into play. This is not the first time, nor only time, Ms. Feinstein interspersed her private knowledge, through the press to the public, for her personal and political gain.

In 1985, Senator Feinstein was Mayor of San Francisco. At the time, Californians were afraid. There had been 14 killings and five rapes in Los Angeles. The crimes were unsolved.

Labeled in the press as the “Night Stalker” because a man would break into Southern California homes in the early morning hours to rape, murder, burglarize or any combination suiting his mood at the moment. He moved around a lot, making his capture harder.

The detectives on the case, working to solve the murders and trailing the monster, followed the clues to San Francisco. As Mayor, they detailed their findings to Feinstein. Unbelievably, during a press conference, supposedly to calm the public’s fears, Feinstein spoke about crucial, unrevealed, evidence.

By revealing this information, the killer was made aware of how close the police were to catching him. The serial killer destroyed that evidence and moved on to another city. Quite literally, people suffered because of her decision, just not in Feinstein's San Francisco.

Justice Not Served

Richard Ramirez was finally caught and in a most American way. People in a community identified him as the "Night Stalker” from photos in the press. They called out to each other. They called the police. They caught Ramirez and held him until the police arrived.

In 1989, the “Night Stalker” was sentenced to death after being convicted of 13 murders, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries. He died of natural causes at age 53, waiting on death row. Justice was not served then and is not being served now.

This Was Not the Only Time

Another spillage of private information occurred in 2009. Feinstein, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is known to have “revealed secret operations that are going on in Pakistan.”

Modus Operandi

Feinstein is the eye of the current political storm whirling around Kavanaugh by her own doing. She could have done the right thing by turning over the information to the police once received. However, she chose not to. She could have done the right thing by asking questions about the alleged assault during her turn in the hearing, she chose not to. She could have asked questions in private, one on one, meetings with Kavanaugh, she chose not to. She could have done the right thing by protecting the woman from a press fishbowl of piranhas, again, she chose not to.

Pattern of Evidence

There is a pattern of evidence here that points to Feinstein as not working in the best interest of Americans, nor victims, nor alleged victims, nor women.

It is past time for the Senator to be censured or removed from office. People have literally died because of her decisions. The current political circus she has created by her handling of private information has Judge Kavanaugh and his family, as well as his accuser suffering.

Joanna Dannah / Copy Editor
I am a supporter of our duly elected President Trump and vocal to counter the HATERs. I support the unforgotten men and women citizens who are the backbone of America. I strive to KAG for my children and grandchildren.
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