Carla & Co: Drag Queen Story Time CANCELED! [VIDEO]

Do Drag Queens wish to indoctrinate our kids? You bet!

I received an urgent call on October 1, 2018,  that my children’s book “Julia Learns How to Marry Wisely” was needed at Story Time in Louisiana to counter a book titled “Jacob’s New Dress.”

My book confirms two genders while the latter confirms gender confusion and 50 plus genders (depending on which LGBTQ site you search.)

The call was from Rich Penkowski of Warriors for Christ. Rich is a social justice warrior. He stated, “We got a tip from concerned citizens that the South Louisiana Community College is hosting a Drag Queen Story Time for three-year-olds at the Lafayette public library.”

I immediately shipped my books overnight to Louisiana as Rich explained that the library agreed to have a traditional gender book read which would follow the Drag Queen book read. Both sides would be addressed and introduced to the young children.

Not a Service to the Community

Rich believes that Drag Queen Story Hour endorses a religion of secularism and entangles government in religion.

The first Drag Queen Story Hour began in San Francisco with the purpose of “providing positive queer role models” for kids. They now have 40 chapters across our nation who regularly have Drag Queens read transgender books to children.

This was planned as a community service project of a local LGBTQ fraternity Delta Lambda Phi and was targeted for three-year-olds. Should not our kids be reading books like Curious George and Dr. Seuss? Remember those days?

Legal Process

Penkowski and his team of legal experts immediately got to work combating this sexualized themed storybook hour planned for preschoolers. A suit was filed October 2, 2018. Drag Queen Story Hour was to be held Saturday, October 6, 2018.

Warriors for Christ, Special Forces of Liberty and 30 pastors stated that the storybook hour violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment because it endorses the religion of secularism. Attorney Chris Sevier represented the two organizations and pastors.

Sevier filed a lawsuit in Louisiana federal court in the hope of stopping the local library from hosting the Drag Queen Story hour, in which Sevier stated, “Transgenders are using government-funded buildings to hold their events to appear that the government backs their ideology and world-view. They are targeting children with their faith-based ideology.”

He continued, “We have no problem with transgender story time on private property like the fraternity house, but government property cannot be used.”


“CANCELED!” The Facebook post read on the Warriors for Christ page. The lawsuit and the overwhelming response from Christians who are fed up with the sexualization of our kids have put a halt to the Drag Queen Story hour, but only for the moment.

Drag Queen story time has been canceled due to common sense winning with parents and pastors working together for the good of their community.

Earlier this month in a Facebook post, Franklin Graham applauded parents who were ‘Pushing back’ on this agenda being forced on their children, often without the parent’s consent of knowledge.

The defendants in the suit include Teresa Elberson, director of the Lafayette Parish Library, Governor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Contact Warrior for Christ Church if you have a Drag Queen Story Time coming to your local public library and wish to fight the transgender confusion with common sense.

Carla D'Addesi / Guest Contributor
Carla D'Addesi is a wife, mom, author, FOX affiliate radio host and candid political commentator. Director of Defend My Privacy, the largest grassroots movement in her state, Carla is often on FOX & Friends, One American News Network and Christian Broadcasting Network to share truth, logic and common sense. She is an activist mommy! She authored the children's book series "Julia Learns” which teaches love of country, family and life! When Carla is not writing or doing interviews, she can be found cooking and playing tennis with her family.
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