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Election Meddling Russia

From the Office of the President

September 12, 2018, proved to be the death knell for liberals claiming that Donald Trump does not take election meddling seriously. Trump declared a state of national emergency. It was an action necessary for the president to issue an executive order involving sanctions. The executive order calls for sanctions against any individual, corporation, or country presenting a danger to election campaign infrastructure, according to Real Clear Politics. This infrastructure includes voting machines, voter registration databases, and equipment used to tabulate and transmit voting results. Some sanctions will be automatically imposed, while others will be imposed at the discretion of the president.

In a statement to the Associated Press, National Security Advisor John Bolton had this to say: “We felt it was important to demonstrate the president has taken command of this issue, that it’s something he cares deeply about — that the integrity of our elections and our constitutional process are a high priority to him.” Again, this order was signed amid grumbling that the President does not take election meddling seriously.

From The Wall Street Journal: The order is “a further effort among several the administration has made to protect the United States against foreign interference in our elections and really our political process more broadly,” Bolton said at a press briefing.

Russia, Russia, Russia

The insatiable swamp, however, decried Trump’s sanctions as nothing more than an “overly discretionary paper tiger” which they believe will do little to deter the political ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This reaction is another example of how nothing President Trump does will make the establishment swamp happy.

These are the same established lawmakers who have accused President Trump of not doing enough to curtail election meddling where Russia and Putin are concerned. The newly signed executive order authorizes the freezing of assets of individuals, companies, and countries caught meddling in United States elections. It also addresses limiting access to American financial institutions by foreign actors and calls for a cutoff of U.S. investments in sanctioned companies.

Rational thinkers would consider these sanctions to be a strong deterrent to those who would attempt to influence America’s election process. The response from politicians seems to indicate rational thinking is uncommon in the D.C. swamp. Unsurprisingly, the president’s actions do not seem to have satisfied the insatiable swamp.

According to the Wall Street Journal article: “Some lawmakers said the Trump administration was cajoled into writing the executive order as a means to fend off more aggressive bipartisan measures in Congress seeking tougher sanctions on Russia over election interference. One such proposal, the ‘Defending Elections from Threats by Establishing Redlines Act of 2018,’ or Deter Act, would aim to prevent election interference by foreign countries by establishing reporting requirements for the intelligence community, authorizing broad sanctions against Russian businesses, and imposing financial penalties on ‘senior political figures and oligarchs,’ in addition to barring entry to the U.S.”

Helsinki Aftermath

These broad criticisms by both political parties come after Trump’s meeting in July with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding his alleged role in Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election. Critics felt the meeting implied a lack of trust in U.S. intelligence agencies.

Many in the Congressional quagmire seem to have forgotten that at least two of America’s intelligence agencies are under intense investigation for alleged election meddling. One investigation involves a bogus claim that Trump was colluding with Russia to influence 2016 election results. This leads many to wonder why lawmakers criticize him for not trusting a word these agencies say, especially after the public was allowed to read the salacious and seditious text messages between former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

Oh, Honestly!

This ridiculous wonderment becomes even more preposterous when considering fraudulent warrant requests were submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court by those wishing to subvert the Trump presidency. Participants in these alleged abuses of FISA include Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, employees of the FBI and other government entities. Shockingly, the warrants were granted based on a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund; those seeking the warrant neglected to tell the FISA Court that the dossier was unverified, and was paid for by one political opponent against the other.

Although it is entertaining to watch mainstream media, democrats and RINOs, run around in circles trying to catch their tails, one would be forgiven a measure of frustration in trying to keep up with all the hoopla. While hypocrisy is rife within the swampy establishment, America is showing signs of finally waking up to it, to its violence, and to its treasonous progressive movement that has been inflicting pain on #WeThePeople for two years. With this awakening, there is hope that the nightmare will end soon.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor
Mary Magaline thrives on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all around, you will find her grounded in her Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. She loves President Trump and wants her country back!
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  1. Great piece Mary! Indeed Our President cares about Constitutional processes and the voting integrity is high on his list. :)




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