Elizabeth Warren's Absurd DNA Test

Elizabeth Warren Indian

Elizabeth Warren's Saga Continues With DNA Test to Prove Native American Heritage

Elizabeth Warrens saga just gets weirder and weirder. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren recently took and shared a DNA test claiming it proved her Cherokee heritage. There are problems with that claim, specifically that the Cherokee nation is denying its significance.

In a stunning rebuke to the far left Senator, the Cherokee nation released a statement saying “A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship.” In addition, it states that “Sovereign tribal nations determine their own legal requirements for citizenship.” In other words, nice try Senator Warren, but you are not Cherokee just because you say you are.

If the opening part of the Cherokee Nation press release was not enough to undermine the claims of the liberal Massachusetts Senator, the ending certainly does: “Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.” Pocahontas has managed to insult the President of the United States, the American public and now the very Cherokee nation she claims as her own people.

Insult to One’s Intelligence

To be clear, not only is Senator Warren insulting the intelligence of the American public in general but she is also insulting the people of the Cherokee nation. They, like most Americans, know she is as much a Cherokee as Jeff Flake is a conservative.

This seems to be a trend in the Democrat party, even though both sides do it. In a cynical attempt to gain votes from voting blocks, candidates may use nicknames or change their names to sound better to a specific ethnic group of people. A recent example is Congressman Robert “Beto” who is running against Senator “Rafael” Ted Cruz. There is also Bill De Blasio, who was born Warren Wilhelm Jr. and took his mother’s maiden name.

Thought Police Nab One of Their Own

The left loves to talk about cultural appropriation, but Senator Warren is the ultimate example of it. The same political party who embrace “thought police” and who sought to change the name of a popular football team, the RedSkins, are perfectly fine with Senator Warren using Native Americans to gain support and benefits. One could only imagine the horror if a conservative or a Republican did such a thing.

To be clear, the same liberals who resort to cries of cultural appropriation if ethnic food is served on college campuses now justify Elizabeth Warren’s exploiting Native Americans for personal gain. The downward spiral of left-wing identity politics continues, and as a result, the country is worse off. The Red Wave could not come any sooner.

Seth Ian / Guest Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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