The Midterm Purge: Facebook’s Political Suppression

The Reality of Censorship

When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, it was mainly for college students. It was a way for college students from all over the United States to connect and create a community. Then Zuck decided to open the doors and let everyone make a profile.

What became a small platform soon became the social media craze we see today. It is now used for everything from marketing to news circulation. A shift began the moment Trump started making waves. Facebook and other social media giants began curating content rather than letting content be what it was and allowing people to read and come to their own conclusion. What was once a platform was now becoming more like a publishing company.

Diamond and Silk are two black Republican women who voice their support for President Trump. They make videos highlighting left wing media and socio-cultural talking points. They were banned from Facebook in the last year due to, “harmful content” according to facebook’s vague ‘Community Guidelines’.

That was brought to light during Zuckerberg’s hearing as Senator Ted Cruz and Congress were grilling him about security breaches and data fraud, as well as privacy policies. Mark pivoted away from the question and avoided answering it. He did not want to face the public scrutiny.

Midterm Worries

Now that the midterm elections are underway, coupled with hysteria the left is producing by creating and legitimizing mob violence, Facebook once again decided to let bias dictate how they would halt information from circulating. In a recent report from Western Journal, Facebook announced it would suspend 800 political pages from their database.

According to Nathaniel Gleicher, “Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior…” You can read more about it here in Facebook’s blog regarding the reason for their latest purging.

The dissemination of information is not what a platform should be doing, but Facebook has had a history of bias that caters to more globalist agendas. It does not serve the national interests of Americans as it should, because it is an American company. Their bias is blatant, as is their agenda. They do not even try to pretend anymore. When asked to release a list of the pages that they had gotten rid of, they refused. Western Journal was able to compile a small list of some of the pages Facebook purged in a recent article.

Clear and Present Danger

With the obvious bias flooding the coders and programmers of Facebook’s offices, the danger of political bias controlling information becomes reality. The censorship of opposing ideas in favor of only one ideology is pure tyranny. Facebook has had a track record of being very dishonest in their methodology of trying to quell “fake news”.

Fake news, in reality, is nothing more than information they do not agree with. Rather than letting people decide, they curate what people see, or tailor information. Which is why there are more videos from Vox, mic and Slate, as well as CNN and MSNBC, that automatically flood the newsfeed of any user. The user needs to actively search for Fox News or alternative media sources in order to “program” their profile for their own desires.

It has been a shady deal, but Facebook developed it with their current AI tech. The default is leaning more to the left, and it is definitely apparent that more tech giants are following suit with the purging of dissenting perspectives. It is not surprising that Google has found themselves nixing their Google+ platform due to another data breach.

Facebook also had another breach of security according to Experian. Things are just not faring well for Facebook. As well they should not. If this continues, new forms of social media platforms may have to rise up and provide alternatives to compete. We cannot have the internet succeeding in censoring opposing ideas in the year 2018. This is not Nazi Germany 1938, but many times it sure feels like it. History does repeat.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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