Joyent Hosting Provider Suspends Gab.com, Will Likely be Offline for Weeks

Gab offline deplatformed by hosting service Joyent


Gab is Offline

In the aftermath of rumored DDOS attack, Gab's new hosting provider Joyent suspended the Free Speech platform tonight at 6:50pm ET. Gab.com was created after a slew of Twitter shadow bans on Trump Supporters and libertarians. It was a dissident platform for the exchange of ideas. This was all until now. Below is what broke tonight:


The scary thing is when the government or big tech take a tragedy and use it to clamp down on free speech and dissent. This is something which occurred after 9/11 with NSA spying and eventually with The FISA warrant. Shortly after 9/11 instead of having an honest discussion of Islamist terror, The civil liberties of American citizens began to be eroded. Erosion of free speech is usually done in the name of the public greater good. In fact it is an assault on our freedom.

Who's Watching the Watchers?

We have seen the hypocrisy of who the Left allows a platform. Louis Farrakhan noted hater of White and Jewish people as well as the Hamas terrorist group are given a platform on twitter, while Alex Jones is not. Al Sharpton who has gotten people murdered through race riots even hosts a show on MSNBC.

While all good people condemn the murderer in Pittsburgh in the strongest terms including The President of The United States, this tragedy should not be used by the liberal globalists to deplatform conservatives and libertarians. We must not allow this evil murderer to change how we live our lives here in America. Our founders warned us of the perils of giving up our constitutional rights. While we don’t yet know if or when Gab will be brought back in the words of Ben Franklin “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Alternatives such as Unfollo.com still exist. Already removed from Google Play store, iTunes, Stripe, Paypal, Joyent is the latest blow on Gab. Follow New Right Network for latest updates and @GetonGab.

Seth Ian / Guest Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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  1. Of course you can't be surprised by this occurrence.




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