Connecticut Midterms: Vote for Harry Arora for U.S. Representatives

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Harry Arora Takes On Political Class

The political class has faced a massive setback. The election of President Trump sent shock waves throughout liberal circles. A new crop of outsiders has emerged. Among them is an investment firm founder named Harry Arora.

Stolen Valor Senator Richard Blumenthal’s home state is also home to the economic populist. Arora is challenging Jim Himes for his Connecticut congressional seat. Arora has an Impressive Website. On it he makes clear that he is determined, despite an establishment which seeks to silence him, to stand up for the people of his state.

On the Issues Facing Connecticut

On economic growth, Arora promises to “Promote Pro-Growth policies to reverse Connecticut's economic decline.” In addition, Arora seeks to curtail excessive red tape. He seeks to invest in infrastructure in the state. Infrastructure is a key aspect of the populist economic agenda. The Trump economy is booming. Arora embraces the President’s economic vision.

On health care, Arora opposes Obamacare. He is opposed to any government take over of the American healthcare system. Unlike far left radicals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Arora supports a health care system which is not socialist leaning.

Following Trump’s Lead

Like our President, Arora is in favor of fair trade. He opposed the terrible TPP deal and called out his opponent for supporting it. He supports the America First approach to trade deals. Arora opposes deals which rip off The American worker while emboldening foreign nations.

As a first-generation American, Arora knows First hand the importance of merit-based immigration. In Arora’s word’s “I grew up with little and am blessed to have attained the American dream.” He supports an immigration system where American citizens take priority. For too many candidates, the will of the people takes a back seat to special interests and multinational corporations.

Arora Knows His Stuff

Arora is no career politician. He has “worked as an investment manager and analyst for 20 years, researching and investing in commodity and currency markets.” He is a businessman, not a man of the political class. He has practical business experience and is not beholden to special interests. With his extensive background, he can bring economic success back.

Arora’s values are American values. He is a man of faith, and he believes in freedom, opportunity, and compassion. Connecticut has the opportunity to elect an outsider, as Arora is not beholden to the permanent political class.

Seth Ian / Guest Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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