Op-ed: Why This Midterm Election Is the Most Important of Our Lifetime

midterm election rally
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Reason to Vote

If you want to keep America as the shiny beacon on the hill, your freedoms and our Constitution, you have to vote. Not only do you need to vote, but drag your neighbors, family, friends to the polls if you want to save the American ideal for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That is why Donald Trump ran for president, to protect the American ideal. Our country, run by the Constitution, and its form of government is the oldest that has ever continuously existed.

Hate Crime or Free Speech?

Our elected officials (puppets) have sold us out and have to be removed from office before they have a chance to eat away more of our rights. Sponsored by Kamala Harris, there is a Senate Resolution written by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an abomination on America, our first amendment and our religious liberties. It is co-sponsored by Marco Rubio and two others. The resolution makes any condemnation of Islam a hate crime.

Why is it not a hate crime when a Muslim openly says they want to kill a Christian or a Jew? Some Muslims will not be happy with only that either, some moderates and extremists will not be satisfied until they kill anyone who does not believe what they do. There are good Muslims out there who are being overshadowed by the fifteen percent or more like thirty-five percent that hold signs saying “Sharia will control the world.”

True believers of the caliphate want to destroy everything in history that existed before 300 AD when Muhammad started the political movement, disguised as a religion, to conquer the world. Remember, it only took seven percent of the German people who became Nazis to cause millions of deaths and destruction.

Misinformed Youth

Our youth have been misinformed for years by our education system. I listened to an interview on Sirius radio channel 29 called Jam On. The DJ interviewed a band member who said: “We as artists have a responsibility with our music.” That is very true. Let me tell you why...

You have punk rock where the singer screams at the top of his/her voice. Why are they so angry? It makes me angry listening to it. hip hop is not what it once was.

Rap is just vile in my opinion. They do not respect themselves, women or family. The words glorify a thug life. When you glorify a gangster lifestyle that talks about killing people, beating and mistreating women, what kind of outcome do you expect from kids that listen to it? They become punks and thugs that usually end up dead or in prison.

In the interview, the band member said that Washington has the ability to stop the gun violence and talked about gun control. First, there is no magic law they could write to stop an evil person from doing evil things, whether it be with a gun, knife or by hand.

Hitler used misinformed youth in his campaign on gun control (confiscation) which left the other eighty-five percent of the Germans with no weapons to protect themselves. Keeping this in mind, as an artist, you have a duty to write songs about love and what would make the world a better place instead of screaming and degrading themselves and others.

Global Forces and Lobbyists

We have a very short time to educate people that have been misinformed or uneducated. There are many forces we are fighting. For example, there are the globalists that started the process of turning America into just another third world country four decades ago along with the (puppets) elected officials that are either corrupt, incompetent or selling out America for their own best interests and the lobbyist that fill their campaign coffers.

There is no reason to spend the amount of money that is spent on our elections. We are fighting the political establishment that has been in power for many decades. They are attached at the hip with the K Street prostitutes that suck the taxpayer’s money like a tick sucks blood. We are fighting the media that is in bed with the establishment politicians, the lobbyist and the Hollywood Cartel.

Vote, for the Soul of America

Voter fraud is a real problem with the Democrats. It is a known fact that there are dead Americans on voter rolls, and Republicans have to show up in mass numbers to offset this corruption. We have to vote and bring everyone we know to the polls. It's time to step up to help save America.

The people in our opposition want to destroy the best form of government ever conceived, a republic built upon a Constitution, written by our founding fathers and called the United States of America. This fight is for the soul of America. If we lose, we are sentencing future generations to a life of misery, because the forces we are fighting against are pushing Socialism onto the misinformed youth.

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. Why do these idiots think this time it will be different? Why do you think people risk their lives to come here? It is time to take a stand and save America for our future generations or allow the evil forces to destroy the best country ever in the history of the world.

David Burnham / Guest Contributor
David Burnham is a patriot American and owner of a specialty muffler and fabrication shop in Florida who wants to keep America great for future generations. He enjoys following geopolitics and economic markets.
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