CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Past Tweets Exposed

Collins Past Tweets See Light of Day

CNN’s very own white house correspondent Kaitlan Collins had past tweets unearthed mid-Saturday night. The tweets in question were anti-gay, hateful, ignorant, and arrogant in nature.

The first tweet shows Collins stating, “I get off at 4 fag!” The second tweet says, “Prologue to Canterbury tales, you fag.” The third tweet from Collins as reported by the Washington Examiner, and from the Twitter account of Log Cabin Republicans, shows a screenshot of Kaitlan Collins stating that she did not feel comfortable rooming with a lesbian.

Kaitlan Collins’ very evident anti-LGBT tweets immediately sparked outrage, some demanding for Collins to be fired. In one other disturbing tweet, Kaitlan Collins held apparent disgust for Run-DMC, as well as anybody supporting them, by wishing that they would catch Ebola.

Finally, this last tweet shows, as well as completes the arrogant, and ignorant nature of Ms. Collins. In this tweet, Kaitlan is mocking someone for not pronouncing the name “Cecilia” correctly while implying the individual was stupid, and that was why they were working at Starbucks.

Sorry, Not Sorry

If Kaitlan Collins were really sorry, as she recently claimed after the tweets were re-exposed, then why were the tweets up for seven long years? CNN has not even bothered to admonish her even now at this very hour, further indicating what so many already know, there is a double standard for liberals.

The double standard for the left covers for alleged wife beaters like DNC co-chair Keith Ellison, individuals making racial or anti-gay slurs, those holding a high position on a television network or holding a public office. Those protected are able to get away with practically whatever they want.

Does This Represent Who and What the Left Really Are?

These tweets call into question: What type of individual is Kaitlan Collins? Does the network she represents who claims to stand for gay rights, and racial equality, agree with her views? Their white house correspondent is seen using apparent anti-LGBT slurs, and wishing for people to catch Ebola, as well as posting completely ignorant and arrogant remarks.

A lot of moderate Democrats should be disgusted, alongside all reasonable people, with this abhorrent display of tweet history from Kaitlin Collins. CNN spent many weeks alleging and labeling newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as a sex abuser, yet, CNN has not even reprimanded Collins for her vile tweets. Her tweets show Collins may lack the temperament to report and cover the White House, let alone be in the press briefing room.

Matthew McCarthy / Senior Contributor
I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College, and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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