Who Knew Kanye was the Reasonable One?

MAGA Dragon Energy Vs. Pussy (Hat) Puppy Eyes

Almost a decade ago, during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West committed a drive-by interjection as he hijacked Taylor Swift’s “Best Female Video” acceptance speech. He took to the mic to declare that BeyoncĂ© really should have won the award while Swift just stood there looking confused. It was the Hollywood equivalent of watching a Komodo dragon dismember a Shih Tzu puppy.

Kanye was universally condemned for his impulsive behavior, despite the fact that he was probably right. This is one of the most memorable events in contemporary music history. It is nearly ten years after Kanye took the mic from a barely legal Taylor Swift and hijacked her moment. Who would have ever conceived that today he is the reasonable one, and Taylor is a bit of a prat, as the Brits would say.

Both Taylor and Kanye are in the news today for political reasons. Kanye supports President Trump while Taylor has burst from the political closet as a leftist. Obviously, the media is treating them very differently. For agreeing with Trump and proudly wearing a MAGA hat, West is called a “token negro” on CNN.

Conversely, Swift’s political stance is referred to as “bold.” This is not unexpected. The Democrats apparently consider African Americans as their personal property. Anyone uppity enough to break away from the liberal plantation will be run down by their media dogs and publicly lynched (in a media sense of the word).

For the Fans

The media narratives go from how Marsha Blackburn scares Taylor Swift to how Kanye West’s support of a duly elected President is somehow a sign of mental illness. Lost in there is the question regarding which one of these people has the best interests of the millions of fans they influence at heart.

Taylor is all about LGBTQ issues. She is rabid about this to the point where she believes that business owners with religious objections to gay marriage should be forced by law to provide services for those weddings. Therefore, she is no fan of the freedom of religion. She also cannot look around to see that President Trump has ushered in a roaring economy and, thanks to him, more of her fans can afford to spend money on CDs and concert tickets.

On every objective issue that a president can control (economy, national security, diplomacy, etc.) Trump is a runaway success. He is good for her fans. Instead of letting that influence her thinking, she has thrown in with the Hollywood left. She now is campaigning to elect roadblocks to the Trump agenda instead, people who will actually do good for the American people and her fans.

Kanye on the other hand, has apparently seen what Trump has done for his fans as well as what decades of Democrat support has done to the African American community. Thanks to Trump: black unemployment is down, there are more economic opportunities for young people, the country is in an overall better shape than when he took office, a new North American Trade deal was signed that is more beneficial to the United States, and “Little Rocket Man” is no longer shooting off missiles or threatening the west coast with nuclear fire.

All these things are good for his fans and supporters. Is it any wonder Kanye will not support the party that produced Chicago?

Time to Take the Mic Again

Neither Taylor Swift nor Kanye West live in the middle class, working America that keeps the country moving. Taylor now chooses to use her celebrity and two-dimensional reasoning skills to actively damage the middle class that keeps her draped in diamonds, while Kanye uses his position to advocate for real change.

He does this knowing that he will suffer some nasty slings and arrows by breaking from the liberal plantation and trying to convince others to think for themselves. What Taylor is doing is easy, predictable, and safe. What Kanye is doing actually requires courage. Maybe it is time he took the mic out of her hand again, and told people the truth while she just stands there looking confused.

Brian James / Journalist
Brian James grew up just out of bullet range of Detroit. He was raised on the work of Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Snorri Sturluson. Eventually, he went on to college where he majored in History. While he never realized his dream to become a heavier version of Indiana Jones, he did wind up writing for a number of magazines, newspapers, websites, and Fortune 500 companies. Politically he is a constitutional purist who believes in life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the idea that anti-American “progressives” should be waterboarded with their own tears until they start thinking right.
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  1. Great Article...who knew Kanye was tuned in... NOW we know. MAGA




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