The Left's Dirty Secrets

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am glad you found me here at New Right Network. This is my first publication with New Right Network, so save my name and this site to your favorites. I want to be a part of your awakening journey and one of your trusted, alternative news sources.

As we have proof - the mainstream media only reports the controlled deep state narrative that serves them and the shadow government’s best interest. We the people are now in desperate need of unbiased and trustworthy news alternatives in order to get pure, raw, unfiltered truth.

Welcome to the Truth

We are your new alternative to the divisive mainstream media outlets. This article is an introduction to my series titled, “The Left's Dirty Secrets.” In this series of articles, I will share with you the backstory of the stories that should be front page news, but for nefarious reasons have been blacked out by the mainstream media.

I have been documenting events across the globe since I was a child. I am a writer by nature and a professional analyst. My passion today is “redefining journalism.” A task I will say that is heavily laden, but essential, to our planetary and human survival. There is a shift in our collective conscience that is taking place on this planet. We can either participate in this vibrational shift, or we can choose to look away.

The Choice is Yours

Doing the latter will leave you within the grip of the old guard and suppressed in between the outdated controlling infrastructure, that only leads to continued oppression, hopeless fighting with each other and struggling against our own human nature. Our innate nature as humans is not rooted in fighting with each other. Unity is natural. It is how we evolve and how we win as a people. It is simply the natural order of the universe to flow forward, in harmony and togetherness. That lovely vision for humanity as a whole is far from what we have experienced upon this planet thus far.

From this point forward, for the sake of those that come behind us, and for those whom we have lost that went before us, let go of all resistance to what already is. Willingly, allow the “other side” to maintain that bitter space and continue to embody disharmony if that is what they wish. Embrace the moment right now, as what is, and keep moving forward into the solutions that life naturally presents.

Reporting Truth

Now, imagine holding a mainstream narrative right next to that truth. There is no comparison. They are complete opposites. Truth resonates within the heart and soul of each of us, it makes us feel compassion, it solidifies your once suspected “knowing's” inside yourself that what we see and hear in the mainstream news is fabricated, and scripted for each, agenda -- and, there are many competing agendas.

We see they are slanted with bias, lies and delivered with the intent of deception. Truth has no motive. Truth just is. As you may have heard, there is a war going on to silence us, all of us. Left, right and center. Censorship is on the rise and crossing all platforms. To this, no one is immune.

Mainstream Media No More

The powers that once held us captive, working day and night to keep us asleep, are now being dismantled and disarmed. One day in the near future, we will all know what it is like to be truly alive and free. Until that day is here, I encourage you to keep seeking and searching for the truth in all that you do. We must break out of the “readily available, or easily found” narratives and step into our own sovereignty and accept personal accountability in obtaining the knowledge we need to evolve.

It is up to us to receive the education that lifts us up, to enable us to become strong and unified. Be strong and trust yourself enough to discern what is real and what is not. Buckle-up buttercups, what I am going to disclose is not for the faint of heart. It will be an emotional, yet necessary journey that will entail being “red pilled.”

Check back soon for part one of my series 'The Left's Dirty Secrets' - Haiti, the Invisible Humanitarian Outpost.

Ashley Adams / Journalist
Ashley is a vibrant journalist with attention to detail and pinpoint accuracy. She is a professional Investigative Journalist with unparalleled analytical skills that lead to masterpiece quality content. Her impeccable delivery is fluid and informative. Above all else, she exudes a certain authenticity that is lacking in today's journalism. Ashley is redefining what it is to be a journalist during these historical and often turbulent times. Personal integrity is her main quality that sets her above the rest.
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  1. Wow!The Great Awakening is here. WWGOWGA

  2. Awesome! Here is something you can report on. Listen to Nancy Pelosi tell you all about it...

  3. Great article, informative and in-depth. Love this article!




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