Lock Her Up: Is the Noose Finally Tightening on Hillary Clinton?

Hillary’s Past Crimes Still Not Answered For

From Whitewater to missing FBI files, to Vince Foster, to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton has had a supernatural knack for avoiding criminal charges and prison. However, are her days as a free woman numbered? Her illegal server while Secretary of State has been on the back burner as of late, but it might be making a comeback -- a big comeback.

Server, China, Spies, Obama: Forgotten Stories

Seeing how this scandal involves information that is still classified, a lot of information has not been released, but some things are known. One dozen or possibly two-dozen undercover intelligence assets in China were swept up and killed while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State as her illegal server was humming along.

Her server was hacked by foreign governments, including a top Chinese business strongly linked to the Communist government. This is well known and factual. It would make complete sense to conclude assets were uncovered and terminated. The Chinese government and other adversarial countries, kill their own people; killing spies would not cause them a second of thought.

The problem arises with the people who knew about the illegal server and communicated with Clinton over it. They are high up and very powerful: One of them being former President Obama. His communications with his Secretary of State over unsecured lines has been proven, but the story has gone nowhere.

Hillary Clinton was responsible for the invasion of Libya and the overthrow of Gaddafi. Along with the American heroes who died in Benghazi, the subsequent deaths and enslavement of thousands of North Africans are on her hands. Unbelievably, she has largely avoided any culpability. The deaths of American intelligence assets overseas, in China or other restricted areas are going to make uncovering and sorting out this mess tough. So far, not much has happened.

Possibility of Hope

The reason there is hope in finally bringing Hillary to justice is President Donald J. Trump. He is fighting with, and for, the people that voted for him against the deep state that is attacking him, and who are also protecting Clinton by covering for her crimes. Essentially, the fight to save America and politically kill the deep state will hopefully have the tangential effect of Hillary Clinton being brought to account for her many crimes. The unknown, but courageous, people fighting for our great country, undercover in extremely dangerous countries will know that we have their backs and are not forgotten.

Liberty Smoke / Journalist
I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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