Blackface, Megyn Kelly and Leftist Hypocrisy

Sarah Silverman and Megyn Kelly blackface

Is Megyn’s “racism” showing?

Left-wing hysteria is just way too comedic to not take on. If you have not heard, Megyn Kelly, NBC’s hire to try and boost ratings with conservatives has just been booted for a misquoted comment about “blackface” and “Halloween costumes.”

Megyn Kelly’s Rise and Fall

Megyn Kelly was a Fox News Network anchor who gave hard interviews and challenged many who came on her show. She is most recognized by folks on the right as a traitor for being brash with Donald Trump during the debates as a moderator. It was then that NBC picked her up and gave her a show.

Once the Fox News sexual harassment scandal broke loose and people lost their minds, Megyn decided to end her tenure with Fox News and went on to bigger and “better” networks. Ratings on her new show have been rather low. The numbers showed it was not as popular as NBC expected it to be.

It was not until Megyn said putting on “blackface” as part of a Halloween costume was not exactly “racist,” that the Left lost their ever living mind, NBC fired her, CAA (the big creative agency that represents everyone from Dr. Jordan Peterson to country legends Big and Rich) dropped her, and many have pushed her away. There are rumors on Twitter suggesting that she is probably going back to the Fox News Network, but that remains to be seen.

The Meaning of “Blackface”

If you are reading this and are curious as to what “blackface” is, understand that it is a reference to a historical part of theatrical shows and entertainment, up until the mid-1950s. Separating races, sexes, and cultures was standard practice. In the theater, men played women’s roles, and white actors played black roles by painting their faces black or using burnt cork.

The roles became caricatures over time, because people were kept apart, and did not know about one another. It became comical buffoonery and very unflattering. Understandably, with today’s knowledge looking back at it, blackface was wrong. They decided to also use these roles to paint a very unflattering picture of black people, which why it is thought that “blackface” is rooted in racism.

Birth Pains

During the early part of the century, African Americans were facing staunch amounts of pushback against being granted any recognition and assimilation into the culture. This was overcome, and through civil rights movements, Black Americans were integrated into society. However, the fact remains that in those days, racism was in fact ingrained in the culture. Blacks were treated poorly. Chinese people were indentured to build railways back in the West, and the Native Americans were all but forgotten and left to basically rot on reservations. It was definitely another era with different dispositions as America was still growing culturally. On top of that, wars were being fought, and the media was developing into a superpower in and of itself.

The Words of Lyndon B. Johnson

Fast forward and one will see this occurring, but not in the way you would think. While back in the 1920’s on into the ‘60s, racism was very much a systemic thing. Historically, it has even been documented that Lyndon B. Johnson created government programs that basically chained African Americans to the Democratic party for 200 years. Those are President Lyndon B. Johnson’s words, not some fabrication or imagination of the Right Wing party lines, Johnson said those words himself, in a more colorful sense believe it or not.

Take the time to Google it if you find it unbelievable that a U.S. President would suggest such a thing. At any rate, due to alternative media and the internet, many are awakening to the fact that they have been kept on an ideological plantation and are being used as pawns to further an agenda that goes against the very system they support. Many Black Americans are running to the Conservative movement.

“Free at last!”

Kanye West, an outspoken Black American and famous singer, is now being demonized as a mental case by the left as they are losing ground with minority voters. Youtube has hundreds of videos of Korean-American people, Latino Americans, Black Americans, homosexuals, and other cultural minorities fleeing from the chains of the Left. The left who use these minorities to get power. These minority groups are running to the Conservative movement, much to the chagrin of the Left.

Pay Attention to the Real Studies

Any deep dive into some of these so-called “movements” will show that, like #MeToo or Black Lives Matter, they are funded by white liberals. One Stanford student said it best while noting his research into BLM, “... where recently I’ve been feeling like they’re white liberals in blackface.”

That simple statement is filled with truth. Everything from LGBT issues, feminism, non-binary, trans rights and more are all ethic issues touted by white liberals and feminists on the left that has taken over academia, politics, Hollywood, and the culture at large. Megyn Kelly was referencing a Halloween costume possibility. However, the left, metaphorically, is painting on the blackface and pumping white liberal political monies into the very races they seek to “influence.”

Call Out the Real Blackface!

It is now time readers, to call out the real racists like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman who actually wore blackface. It is time to call out the real plantation taskmasters! Why not let the Stanford student mentioned here say it himself! The Conservative movement needs more guys like these: from the Latino communities, from the homosexual crowds of the Castro district, from all over. The Asian communities need to follow suit with this guy and Kanye to leave the leftist plantations while exposing the hypocrites.

The left has arguably become the official party of racists, homophobes, transphobes, sexists, rapists, and violent rioters. The mainstream media is complicit, Hollywood fuels it, and as conservatives, no one can sit back and take it. Listen to Andrew An as he says what needs to be done.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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