Caravan of Illegals on Invasion Course to the US

Image from NBC News

Thousands of Immigrants Turned Back at the Mexican Border

Our country's sovereignty has been threatened by a caravan of thousands of illegal aliens from Honduras in Central America. President Trump had shown leadership in threatening to authorize the U.S. military to intercept the caravan with the full force. In addition, the President threatened via tweet to withhold U.S. military aid to all the countries that were allowing this invasion to take place.

Indeed, President Trump has shown on numerous occasions that U.S. aid is a privilege and not a right. He has rightly taken away foreign aid from countries where our interests are not served. We have now seen yet again that this incentive works. Mexican forces are at least attempting to intercept the flow of migrants. Despite this, the migrants have still been able to break down the Mexican border fence. This is yet another example of why a solid border wall between America and Mexico is so necessary. As we have seen in Israel and Hungary, a border wall works.

In what looks to be a potential crisis more than 4,000 migrants journeyed from Central America to Mexico inching closer to the U.S. border. Thus far President Trump’s leadership has helped stem the tide of illegal migration into America. This now represents a turning point in the migration crises.

We Must Learn From Other Countries Mistakes

We have seen the costs of mass migration in Europe. We must continue to make it very clear to Central America and Mexico that America is a nation-state and like every nation-state is entitled to secure borders and sound immigration policies which serve the national interest. Thus far President Trump is using aid as leverage to stop the invasion and hold Mexico and Central American countries accountable for the potential violation of American national sovereignty.

If Obama was still president, one could be sure he would put the needs of the migrants ahead of America’s national interest. Sadly there are starving and suffering people throughout the world, but our government must first and foremost put the interests of the American poor and the working class ahead of foreign nationals. Indeed while there are no doubt people suffering in Central America, America must always put our citizens first, or in the words of the President, we would no longer be a country.

Seth Ian / Guest Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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