New Mexico! Let's Get Out the Vote for Steve Pearce on November 6th

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New Mexico Senator Steve Pearce is running for Governor in 2018...

Let's dive into Steve Pearce of New Mexico, the man and the message. This article covers his Town Hall meeting held by the Lincoln County Republicans in Ruidoso, NM on October 11, 2018.

Steve Pearce relates that America had been “anemic” by losing jobs to overseas manufacturers, but is now doing better with “20,000 manufacturing jobs back here because of the jobs bill.” He advised fellow Republican, Yvette Herrell, who is running for the seat he is vacating to “Stay the course.”

He tells listeners three main issues need to be focused on: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Drug Abuse. He stated that New Mexico made a mistake by outsourcing to Arizona. By doing so, the large cities get attention and not the rural areas because the rate of return in a city is higher.

He explains it costs $93-98 per person to house someone in prison, and he would prefer to use that money for Behavioral Health. He believes in treating those with behavioral problems outside the classroom, then returning them to the school system, which allows teachers to teach.

Successful Schools Get Punished

When asked about school PARC assessments, he said to improve it the results should come in the next day, not the next year. By delaying results, in reality, the schools are being tested, not the students, therefore it does not help students. He remarked that “successful schools get punished.”

Regarding the Betsy DeVos Plan, Pearce stated it does not affect New Mexico schools as it does other states because New Mexico is mostly rural. He supports public schools and school choice. When asked if the Constitution could be taught in schools again, after the clapping died down, Pearce said he gives out copies of it to schools, teaches classes on it, and carries one.

Instead of school food coming from countries where they can use pesticides not allowed in the USA, he has started a project for Organic Greenhouses in every town where food grown there would go to schools. The first seven are ready for approval.

Protest Is Not the Way

When asked if he supports Trump, he commented that unlike his opponent, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, he would not hang around in the Capitol halls to confront the President and believes “protest is not the way to govern.”

He reflects on an issue he had with President Trump when he was called into the Presidential office because he “would not vote for a bad bill.” Pearce admitted he did not enjoy being on the receiving end of a negative Trump tweet wherein the President of the United States and leader of his own party stated he “would back someone against him in the primaries.” Pearce shared his unhappiness with the 50,000 additional comments from other tweeters. Even so, he replied he “would not be a rubber stamp.”

When asked about his faith and whether he would assist in spreading the fellowship, Pearce answered: “I don’t run on my faith, but I don’t run away from it.” He continued, saying he feels there are those whose “spiritual needs are not being met,” and this is part of why substance abusers try to find what they are looking for in the wrong places.

Power to the States

Regarding the 10th Amendment and the Convention of States (COS), Pearce says while he fervently wants to “return power to the states,” he “does not support the COS because it may get hijacked by the well organized left or others” once it is put into place. He explained how the Founders “were afraid the government would become what it is now, a government wanting to take away individual rights.”

He talked about helping a ranching family over water rights against the Forestry Dept. The family sued in 2002, and after he was elected in 2003, he helped the family find a legal way around the forestry claims of owning the well by running a pipe to give their cattle access. The Forestry, in turn, electrified the fence! It took 14 years of battling, but eventually, the family won, with Pearce’s help.

Plans to Increase State Tourism

He said “We will be cutting trees again. There were 255 homes lost in the Little Bear Fire. There won’t be prescribed burns anymore. There will be crews hired for jobs in cutting trees, which helps tourism.” As a business owner, Pearce sees opportunity. “There will be a Bus Company with luxury tours from ABQ to Ruidoso to see where Billy the Kid was or wasn’t.” At this, the crowd laughs. It is a New Mexico joke.

He also wants to use a $1.2B surplus to ”expand infrastructure for the future”; focusing on broadband, highways, sewers, and water. The permanent fund is for when gas and oil run out. A surplus in government is like “a cow stepping into a piranha-filled amazon river.”

Welfare Reform

There are 930,000 people on Medicaid in New Mexico. How will he handle it as Governor? He would write an Executive Order that all able-bodied people with no kids would be required to work. Those with children would be required to help teach kids to read and to learn themselves.

He shared his personal history that solidified to him that the “dignity of work is something we never forget.” He started work as a nine-year-old. An older gentleman would pick him up in a truck, and they would drive silently, twice a day, to change an irrigation pipe. Each time, the older man would wet the end of his pencil and make a mark in a notepad of paper.

At the end of two weeks, the older man pulled out a checkbook. Pearce recalled his parents had a checkbook that folded and could not imagine anyone having enough money for a three-ringed binder worth. He stated that it was the most important lesson and was worth more than the distinguished honor medal he received.


Being a veteran himself, Pearce understands, respects, and helps veterans. When questioned about a Heinrich commercial claiming credit for the Veterans Choice Bill, Pearce explained the bill’s true history.

Pearce had introduced a bill and was waiting to get it passed for ten years. He knew the cost of transporting veterans to ABQ for Health Care. When the horrible atrocities were uncovered in the Arizona Veteran center hospitals of veterans dying while on a waiting list, Jeff Miller, committee chairman told Pearce he was going to steal his bill and put his own name on it to get it passed. It worked.

Another occasion that shows his care for veterans was when there was a government shutdown during the Obama administration, and a bus of veterans was not able to enter a memorial. Someone called Pearce, who showed up and cut the yellow tape so the veterans could enter. Pearce noted there was more security there to keep people out than were usually there to maintain the memorial, and perhaps his congressional pin kept them from stopping him. As they entered further, there was a gate across the road which he, along with others, lifted out of their path.

Make New Mexico Great

Pearce and Trump have many similarities: both are businessmen, doers, have a deep respect for military personnel, respect the constitution and believe the people and states should have more power rather than big government. Pearce is not willing to be a “rubber stamp,” and that is commendable. He wants good bills, not a party bill. It would do the country well to bury any hatchet between them.

Perhaps the president is not aware that Senator Pearce was at an Albuquerque hangar for a Trump rally at a time when supporting the then-candidate was laughable. I was there. My husband and I stood talking with Mr. Pearce before his speech. Personally, as a resident of New Mexico, I welcome any help President Trump is willing to extend.

Joanna Dannah / Copy Editor
Joanna Dannah is a supporter of duly-elected President Trump and vocal to counter his "haters." She supports the unforgotten men and women citizens who are the backbone of America. She strives to Keep America Great (KAG) for her children and grandchildren.
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