Politicians Keeping Promises: Part Three

President Trump accomplishments promises made and kept

Past Presidential Promises

New Right Network has been tracking and updating the status of President Trump’s campaign promises. You can see our updates in 'Promises Made, Promises Kept' and 'Promises, Part Two.' This series intends to provide a format for anyone to evaluate each campaign promise logically.

Like everyone before him, the 45th President of the United States (POTUS-45) made promises while campaigning. What makes President Trump different? The fact that he is keeping them. The first article attributes credit to PolitiFact which wrote an article about President Obama’s 129 campaign promises and how he kept zero of them. President George W. Bush made 22 and did not keep any, either.

Candidate Trump made almost 100 campaign promises, and once they were listed on an old-school spreadsheet, it became apparent that there were a few that were redundant. The final count ended up being 96 instead of 99 as first reported.

Broken Promises

As a candidate, Trump stated that once elected he would keep these promises, so, to be fair, they are broken. All of them have been tracked by New Right Network since his election. These are a few that appear to be broken at this time:

  • Reporting China as a currency manipulator
  • Revealing his income taxes
  • Suing his sexual assault accusers
  • Stopping the AT&T merger

In the same vein of fairness, those promises that are being kept but do not need to wait to the end of his potentially two terms for a determination should also be listed, such as:

In the spirit of keeping promises, also being covered in the articles are the following:

  • Drastically scale back the U.S. Education Department. The simplest way to check this is to follow the money to get an accurate picture of what is being scaled back. The Department’s fact sheet lists a “5% decrease over last year and eliminates, streamlines or reduces 39 discretionary programs that duplicate other programs.” One could argue that five percent (5%) and 39 programs are a scale back, but since there are more years left in his presidency to come, it could add up quickly. There are initiatives to give more control back to the states. Although on the fence about the “drastically,” it is progress in the right way. Empowering the states is why it is being put in the “KEPT” column.
  • Triple ICE enforcement – That is a little tougher to determine. Did he mean triple the budget? Looking at Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 was $22 billion FY19 President’s Budget (PB) is $23 billion, although the FY19 budget is 22% higher than the FY17. There are 19,700 employees, did he mean to triple that? Alternatively, did he mean to give them the tools they need to triple the enforcement? FY2017 had 637,000 cases a 23% increase over FY16, and FY2018 is on track to hit 730,000. Although there is a noticeable improvement, it is not tripled. We are giving this promise a little more time, and listing it as In-The-Works.
  • Dramatically scale back the EPA – Their FY Budget request is a 23% reduction from last year coming in at $6.146 billion. One could argue that 23% is dramatic, so upgrading this one to Promise Kept!
  • Raise Tariffs on goods imported into the U.S. – Boy, did he ever keep this one, against the advice of the experts. So far and only taking in four months this has brought in an additional $1.4 billion according to CNBC. At that rate, the U.S. just created a brand new income stream of over $4 trillion/year. This could very well be how Trump intends to pay down the National Debt. After all, tariffs were a centerpiece in his negotiations with the global market, and that is what forced them to the bargaining table. Promise Kept! The next update will wargame how new income streams will enable more promise-keeping.
  • Growing the economy by four percent a year – Off to a good start but this has a ways to go for FY 18. Quarter 2 just got upgraded to 4.2%; first Quarter was 2.2%. That leaves the third quarter which would need to be at least 4.4 and the fourth quarter at 5.2 or higher to hit 4% for the year. Leaving this as In-The-Works.

Specific Promises Kept

  • Now to cover four of the promises, which are: 
  • Save the coal industry
  • Bring back manufacturing to the USA 
  • Hire American Workers first
  • Eliminate wasteful spending
  • The coal industry is coming back as evidenced by China and Viet-Nam buying our coal for the first time, manufacturing is returning and will continue as tariffs take hold, and companies using American steel are starting to hire for positions once thought lost for good.

Hiring Americans first is an easy math problem. There are three million American workers for the six million jobs that are open, evidenced by the latest unemployment number released on October 5, 2018, which are at a 49-year low rate of only 3.7%. Wasteful spending is being eliminated in all of the budgets that have been covered so far- Education Department, ICE, and EPA.

America, Mexico and Canada Trade Agreement

It would not be right to have an update without one of the most significant economic blockbusters in a lifetime -- The America, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement, which was listed as the promise to Renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

On October 1, 2018, President Trump announced the replacement trade deal. “This will transform America into a manufacturing powerhouse.” Said President Trump, “more jobs for Americans and ending unfair trade.” This deal will have to be ratified by the new Congress in 2019 and takes effect in 2020. This is definitely a Promise Kept.

Unreported Promises Kept

Now, for some housekeeping. Several promises have been kept and not reported, so, to bring everything up to date, here they are:

  • Approve Keystone pipeline – First Executive Order, signed on January 24, 2017. 
  • ISIS plan in 30 days – Delivered by SECDEF on February 27, 2017.
  • Make NATO pay up: More member nations are now meeting their obligations.
  • Reverse former President Obama’s Cuba policy: Harder for private citizens to get there now.
  • Hiring Freeze: Presidential Memorandum dated January 23, 2017
  • Increase Veterans health care: H.R. 5895.
  • Created Child Care Tax Credits: Nearly doubled the credit to $2,000 for each child under age 17.
  • Say Good-bye to “Happy Holidays” – Implemented Christmas Season 2017.

Promise Made, Promises Kept - PLUS!

President Trump has broken four and kept 45 campaign promises with 47 still being worked on. Almost all of those remaining will sail through with the new Republican Congress if what is expected to happen on the first Tuesday in November, comes true.

People must do their part: Vote! Bring a friend or enemy, and encourage them to vote RED!

Politicians Keeping Promises Series:

COL Mike FitzGerald / Journalist
COL Mike FitzGerald is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College. Now retired after 39 years of service, he earned the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge in two combat tours. His expertise includes logistics, readiness and linguist operations. He sees his patriotic duty to educate Americans about the truth, help “drain the swamp” and hold all politicians past, present and future accountable.
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