Reddit Vs. Gab: Disarming Online Speech Since the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

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It's All About Control Tactics

It has been a time of mourning for the Jewish community after the events of Saturday morning. A crazed NeoNazi took the lives of innocent Jews on Sabbath in one of the deadliest act of antisemitism in the history of the United States. This mourning, however, has been interrupted by the immediate politicization by the corporate media and a so-called Jewish Political Action Committee named Bend the Ark, a progressive activist group. The PAC immediately blamed President Trump, his Republican party, as well as the idea of free speech itself, in an apparent effort to shift blame away from the evils of antisemitism. Corporate overlords in Silicon Valley clapped like baby seals in agreement and went straight to work.

The NeoNazi shooter, who does not deserve to be named and will soon be rotting in hell, was an avid user of the free speech social media site Gab.com. The website, among others like Unfollo.com which has policies that maximize free speech without allowing messages of hate or violence, was founded in retaliation to growing censorship on Twitter and the wider internet. The narrative has gone something like this from our "friends" in the media, claiming: Since Gab was the host of this monster’s speech and because he was allowed to exist on the platform, Gab is the reason this shooting happened. Therefore, Gab must be destroyed.

Control Through Censorship

Paypal immediately, on Saturday, announced it would no longer be working with Gab as a payment processor, supposedly in response to the shooting; Paypal did not outright say it because they are cowards. Gab has also been stripped of its web hosting provider, Joyent, and is currently offline, in addition to being no-platformed by, another payment processor, Stripe. Paypal now inadvertently joins the tech giants’ efforts to keep their vast monopoly on public online discourse.

The line of thinking that Gab was a place where all the National Socialists and White Identitarians go to screw around and communicate with each other is complete nonsense. Were they allowed there and do they exist? Of course, but there was also a sizeable Evangelical Religious Right presence on the site alongside average Trump supporters, Republicans and normal liberals along with other Left-leaning individuals who want to contribute to the conversation. Blaming the platform the shooter used to express himself is not only stupid, seeing as how Gab did not support and promote his ideas of violence and is, once again, a platform that is not responsible for the content published by users, it is also massively hypocritical.

Helpful Hypocrites

Has the corporate press already forgotten the vast array of Facebook and Twitter accounts that were used by the Islamic State at the peak of its power to spread propaganda and recruit more fighters from the western world? Is Facebook and Twitter responsible for this, of course not.

Gab is a competitor and an existential threat to the tech giants’ iron grip on public discourse and online power. In the wake of this, there are also more calls for Reddit admins to ban /r/The_Donald (T_D) for the crime of merely existing; or in the mind of a top post on /r/socialism linked here, they are guilty of vast hate speech and threatening violence. These calls come shortly after Reddit is getting less and less transparent. Now, comments removed by mods will no longer be distinguishable from comments removed by the users themselves. It will now, either way, come up as simply deleted.

Back to the situation involving Gab, the "default" subreddit /r/news thread about Gab being de-platformed has been heavily screwed with by the power hungry mods of the subreddit as seen here. Comments removed by mods include comments critical of the all-powerful Twitter and Facebook, as well as your normal wrongthink and in all honesty, some nasty comments that were made against supporters of Gab.

Counter Hate With Words

I want to make something absolutely clear in regards to the Pittsburgh shooting. Banning people for so-called hate speech on the internet does not make them go away in real life. These people will always find a way to meet and communicate and possibly commit acts of terror. The answer to the rise of anti-Jewish rhetoric is quite simple, more free speech and dialogue. Classical liberal Tim Pool said it himself, in a recent blog video about Politicon, time-stamped here, that White Nationalists and NeoNazis are more than willing to have an open discussion with people of differing opinions than the modern, extreme Left.

I have experienced this first hand. I have conversations with hateful people on 4chan, Gab, etc.; censoring does nothing but confirm their beliefs and does nothing to bring them back into the light of reasoning. Every time a “hate speech” law is enforced in a country, every time Reddit, Facebook or Twitter or any website initiates a new policy to promote “diversity” (by banning so-called hate speech), they are doing nothing but isolating the isolated. These are among the fringe members of our society who are driven to violence as we saw on Saturday.

I try to solve the problem by confronting people, of an IQ higher than Maxine Waters, and defending my beliefs proudly. Those who refuse to dialogue with those they disagree with will achieve nothing.

Blame Game Attempts to Silence Voices

The modern-day conservative movement has been vehemently pro-Jew and pro-Israel, with few exceptions in its short 50ish years of existence starting with Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. President Trump's administration is the most pro-Israel administration ever seen in the 70 years of the state of Israel’s existence, with the possible exception of President Truman, despite massive resistance from his state department to acknowledge Israel’s existence as the Jewish homeland.

Also worth noting, the attempt by the corporate media to blame the Pittsburgh synagogue tragedy on President Trump is absolutely sickening. Despite the aggressive verbal attacks from the press, it is overwhelmingly relieving that the Rabbi from Tree of Life Synagogue, who is in mourning from a horrific mass murder, hosted President Trump on Tuesday, October 30th in order to pay respects to the dead and offer healing words.

This attack on the Jewish community and our country will not be used to censor our speech and therefore our thoughts in any successful way. To Silicon Valley, I say: You can have all the short term victories you want, ban more subreddits, take Gab offline, get rid of Bitchute, Minds and every other site that dares try to compete with your monopoly. We will always find a way to speak and communicate our values, regardless.

Trust-Busting Legislation Leaders Needed

President Trump's Republican party is the most powerful the party has been since the 1920’s. No matter how Republicans fair in holding control of the House of Representatives in next week's midterm elections, President Trump will still control the Executive Branch and have allies in the Senate.

Never forget this, trust-busting legislation and executive action against unethical, abusive anti-capitalist monopolies are not going to be off the table anytime soon. Many people cannot wait for a day when Twitter’s stock hits zero. We will never abandon our founding commitment to free expression and free will as enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

“Boy, Y'all want power. God, I hope you never get it” - Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

Kyle Frank / Journalist
Kyle Frank lives in Upstate New York. He became interested in politics late in 2016 during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.
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  1. Thank you for this article mentioning what happened to all 800,000 of Gab's users. I'd like to see what can be done about these companies trashing Gab's thousands of investors. Class action suit perhaps?




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