Republicans Flake Out: Senate Bends to Calls for an FBI Investigation Before the Kavanaugh Vote

Milo Yiannopolous Speaks Out

“We just need to watch it all burn down and start all over.” These are the words of Milo Yiannopolous during an interview. He was speaking about conservative politics, the Republican party and where they stand now, in retrospect to where they have previously stood in United States politics. The party has changed, perhaps for the worse. Milo suggests letting it implode and building anew.

As haunting as it might sound coming from a British gay Jewish Catholic, who is married to a black guy, it is not at all too far-fetched. It makes sense even coming from a shock jock. It does seem apparent that, with the Kavanaugh debacle, a group of Republicans does not want to cooperate with their own decrees.

Republicans Lack Backbone

The story thus far is that Blasey-Ford, the sexual assault victim of SCOTUS Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, came out in full force accusing Kavanaugh of a 35-year-old sexual assault event where she described her experience as one of “being held down,” and “her mouth forcefully shut,” as Brett tried to make sexual advances on her. Kavanaugh unequivocally denies the accusations. Meanwhile, intersectional feminists from Ivy League schools, office parks, and Hollywood are calling for everyone to “listen and believe.” Some Republicans, lacking the fortitude to fight the establishment hacks, have also jumped on the bandwagon of wait and see. The wished-for result is to stop the nomination of Kavanaugh.

There are some conservatives who suggest that the timing of this seems suspect. A woman comes from out of nowhere and makes this wild accusation. We are to believe her even though she cannot remember the day, the area, the time, the geographic location, or the hour in which this alleged event took place. Some have even suggested, based on research, that Ford’s family history had a run-in with Kavanaugh’s mom, who was a presiding judge in a housing case. Was this accusation a way to settle some age-old vendetta? Many conservatives know she is a liberal professor at a university and suggest that due to her views politically, she is a paid agent to delay the swearing in of Kavanaugh. The whole thing reeks of a political hit job, but there are still Republicans who refuse to stand up against it. A prime example would be Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ. Flake "flaked out" and demanded an FBI investigation before agreeing to a Senate floor vote on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, even after the Senate Judiciary Committee had already held an investigation and hearing.

Even before Dr. Ford finally agreed to a hearing, she stated she did not want a trial until the FBI thoroughly investigates. That is not the way it works. The FBI does not investigate a 35-year-old event that happened on a state level. The current FBI investigation that is limited in scope and time, is a Presidential request at the urging of the Senate to "supplement" Judge Kavanaugh's file. She refused to back down, and some Republicans are coddling her.

Give an Inch, They Will Take a Mile

The issue here is giving the left the inch they do not deserve. The 'listen and believe’ rhetoric completely dismisses due process, which is ‘innocent till proven guilty.” Kavanaugh was willing, from the beginning, to sit under oath and testify to his side of the story, with the notion that, if he is lying, it is perjury and thus, a criminal offense. Ford has yet to offer anything substantial, or anything remotely usable for her advantage other than “I am a victim of sexual assault!” Some Republicans are willing to give her that inch. There is no evidence, but republicans capitulated to her demands. This shows just how weak the GOP really is. There are times the Republican party does not act like the party of the people. Milo is definitely on to something.

It is no wonder that Trump has been the necessary agent needed to shake things up. If we are honest and take a good hard look at the Republican party, we will see that most of them would not have beaten Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in the last election. That is a scary prospect. They have repeatedly shown just how weak they are and care more about saving face, then sticking up for the values that make America great.

If the Republican party will not stand up against the left simply on principle, then Milo Yiannopolous’ words ring truer than ever, “burn it all down and set up something new that’s more in line with conservative values.”

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. Let's see - world's worst Democrats on committee WHY? When the Republicans have the Senate? Also, world's worst Republicans, and Flake can't be removed WHY? This is all nonsense. All of it.




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