RIGHT NOW: Shemeka Michelle Interview, Is It Possible to Be a Black Republican?

What It's Really Like To Be a Black Republican

Most people believe slavery was in the past. However, I’ve realized in 2018 my people, who are Black people, are still slaves. As a people, we are just as valuable as other humans. Yet, we refuse to demand that others acknowledge our worth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that we would be judged by the content of our character instead of our skin color. However, we still make major decisions based on skin color alone. One example is shown in the allegiance that has been formed between the Democratic party and an overwhelming amount of Black voters.

For years, I assumed the Republican party was evil and against all Blacks. My earliest recollection of this being instilled in me, was when Ronald Reagan won the presidency. Also raised in the church, I was familiar with the comparison of God vs. Satan. After affectionately referring to Jimmy Carter as the peanut man, I remember hearing my family refer to Ronald Reagan as the antichrist. The only explanation I remember receiving behind that assumption was that all three of his names consisted of six letters. At six years old, I remember being afraid and wondering which day the world would end. Although we survived his term in office, from that experience, I came to the conclusion that all White Republicans, no matter who they were, were against all Black people.

This train of thought remained with me for years. Political affiliation was rarely openly discussed until recently. Therefore, I found myself making assumptions about White people based on their behavior. With no knowledge of the truth, I determined everyone in the KKK had to be Republicans. My baton teacher, who chose a lesser talented White girl as captain over me, must’ve been Republican. In fact, any time I felt I was disrespected or mistreated by White people, I determined they must all be Republicans. Imagine my surprise when I found out the White male supervisor that actually treated me like an equal, worthy of dignity, was also a Republican. Wait, what?

Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton

In 2016, I stood in the voting booth knowing I refused to vote for Hillary Clinton although, at the time, I was still unsure about Trump. Not only was he running as a Republican, but the media was also painting him to be racist. I was completely confused. What was happening to me that allowed me to agree with this White alleged racist, and many of his political views? I mean, was America ever great for Black people? How was I going to explain this to my friends and family? Initially, I didn’t. I remained silent as I planned my escape from the Democrat plantation.

As a Black woman for Trump, it has been disheartening to see the outrage that myself and others have had to endure because of our support. In the Black community, we are constantly reminded that our ancestors fought for our right to vote. Then, in the next breath, we are criticized if that vote isn’t for a Democrat. That’s a clear sign to me that I made the right choice to walk away. It seems to me that White Democrats never really cared about the freedom of Black people. Many of them, have never looked at us as equals. Then and now, all they’ve ever wanted to do is OWN us!

Shemeka Michelle / Guest Contributor
Shemeka Michelle is an author, speaker and personal empowerment advocate. She's also a dedicated daughter, friend and mother of three. Compiled life experiences led her to create Naked Girlz; a group of women who live transparent lives and speak about real topics.
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  1. Indeed paradigm breaking... content of our hearts and minds-not skin pigmentation- defines us as people. Well said! MAGA




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