Send A Message To Democrats: Call Your Senator To Support Judge Kavanaugh

Democrats Are Trying to Brand Judge Kavanaugh As a Pedophile

Imagine if you were branded a pedophile because a group of colleagues did not like the boss that recommended your promotion? That is essentially what is happening to Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What is important to understand is that the treatment he is receiving from Democrats has nothing to do with him. The Democrats do not like President Trump. They do not want him as president. They want him gone. They cannot do it, but what they can do is try their hardest to float through these four years making it as if he were never president. One of the most important parts of this remedy is denying his presidential duty to appoint a Supreme Court Justice when a vacancy occurs.

They are destroying a good man’s life and reputation. They want to make it illegal for Judge Kavanaugh to coach his daughter’s youth basketball team. The Democrats want the parents of his daughter’s teammates to be scared that he will sexually abuse them. This is what the Democrats have decided to do. This would absolutely happen to you if President Trump were to pick you for such an appointment.

What Can We Do About It?

Are you ok with this? Is this how you want our society to operate? This is going to become the standard if we let Democrats get away with this kind of unsubstantiated slander.

Our Constitution has a remedy that we all can participate in directly.

While it is the president’s duty to pick the SCOTUS Justices, the Senate must “advise and consent.” A majority of the Senate must agree to President Trump’s nominee to make it official. In the case of our current Senate, the Republicans have a 51-49 majority. The vote cannot happen immediately because three of the 51 Republicans are being wishy-washy.

While the Kavanaugh confirmation may end up happening, we need to do our part. Our own senators are supposed to represent us. We need to send a message to them that we will not tolerate the destruction of innocent men because some do not agree with the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Here is what you can do now:

  • Call both of your Senators and tell them what you think of this process. The number is (202) 224-3121. Make sure you tell them what state you live in and call back to reach your other Senator.
  • Call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and tell him not to back down. His number is 202-224-2541.
  • Vote all Republicans in this year's midterm elections! This is the strong message we can send!

We need a red wave. We need to send a message of support to the Republicans, but more importantly to the Democrat Party that we will no longer tolerate this abhorrent behavior and unwarranted treatment.

Kerry Smyth / Journalist
I am a USMC vet and co-host with USAF vet Brian Smyth on SmythRadio every Sunday night at 5pm ET.
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  1. The problem as I see it is that Brett Kavanaugh hasn't flipped off the Senate hearing. He is not winning the argument by playing it soft. He may look "civil" and "worthy" but that egg on his face is never coming off. Just ask Clarence Thomas. So, the solution is, (1) coach basketball, and (2) tell the Senate to stick it.




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