Carla & Co: Who is Defining "Hate"?

Global Tech Companies Violating Free Speech

Several powerful global tech companies are taking the lead and appear to be picking and choosing who can speak in the public square.

Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and Instagram have consistently shown a pattern of censoring politically incorrect viewpoints of conservative groups and conservative individuals. Memes, conversations, advertising, videos, and social media pages that have a decidedly conservative, Christian, and pro-life bent are increasingly unwelcome.

These global tech bullies have a vision that does not embrace our First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech. Their actions have major ramifications in our political discourse. All the while these companies use their influence and money to rape our First Amendment rights.

Big bully YouTube has shelved 50 videos of PragerU, founded by Dennis Prager, that were meant to be short educational videos. Videos included, “The Most Important Question About Abortion,’ “Is Islam a Religion of Peace,” and ‘The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians,’ among others were deemed “Hate” and banned by Big Brother YouTube.

Prominent Conservative Voices Silenced on Social Media

Activist Laura Loomer has been silenced on Twitter for calling out Sharia Law has harmful to women and Western Civilization. Brandon Straka of the #WalkAway movement has been in Facebook jail for supporting Trump and his logical policies. I am a frequent flyer to Facebook and twitter jail myself. Also, YouTube demonetized every one of my videos when I spoke out against Fake Feminists like Kathy Griffin and Madonna who claim to champion for women’s rights while they objectify themselves and encourage violence against people who do not share their liberal anti-American views.

It reminds me of the song “Haters gonna HATE..HATE..HATE…” these lyrics depict the Powerful LEFT-leaning tech companies who have given themselves the duty to police our speech and deem what is considered “hate.”

Tune In To Learn More

On Carla & Co., I interviewed Brandon Straka founder of the #WalkAway Campaign which is supporting individual thinking and freedom of speech above groupthink and speech strangulation. Laura Loomer reported on her experience at Politicon in Los Angeles, where she was denied her freedom of speech due to asking about Islam and Sharia Law, which is the Left’s protected religion.

Andrew Torba joined us at the bottom of the hour with his Freedom of Speech social media company GAB. No censorship here! GAB is the fastest growing social media company at the moment. CEO Torba cited, “the entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly” as his inspiration for launching GAB in 2016.

My advice is to shake off the hate and just keep winning. Do not let the Big Bully Tech Companies define who you are. Keep sharing and commenting the truth. Also, make sure you get a GAB account!

Carla D'Addesi / Guest Contributor
Carla D'Addesi is a wife, mom, author, FOX affiliate radio host and candid political commentator. Director of Defend My Privacy, the largest grassroots movement in her state, Carla is often on FOX & Friends, One American News Network and Christian Broadcasting Network to share truth, logic and common sense. She is an activist mommy! She authored the children's book series "Julia Learns” which teaches love of country, family and life! When Carla is not writing or doing interviews, she can be found cooking and playing tennis with her family.
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