Trump: The Ultimate Troll

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Statesman, He is Not

Many things come to mind when you hear the name "Donald J. Trump." First, he is the President of the United States of America. Second, a real estate mogul. Next, he is the creator and star of a reality TV show. Some think that he is sleazy in personal relationships when it comes to his marriage. However, none of this has been proven to be true. Others may think he's merely a twitter addict.

Fake News Networks have labeled him as a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, misogynist and a warmonger. Based on his policies, his public speeches and issues covered in his rallies, these accusations are far from accurate.

Troll Status Confirmed

President Donald J. Trump is a bonafide troll. He trolls mainstream media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC. Trump also enjoys trolling Left-wing publications like Vox and Salon. Fear not, he never fails to include political opponents like Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Richard Blumenthal.

After a speech or press conference, CNN always takes the bait on President Trump's tweets regarding the #FakeNews. Trump exposes them for the frauds they are, where anyone with the internet can re-play a recording to continue laughing at how fake, how disingenuous, how conniving, and utterly ridiculous these people have become. It is almost sad how desperate they are to try and gain some power back.

Negative Fake News CNN

CNN is consistent in delivering negative news regarding President Trump’s tweets. One infamous CNN personality that's known for being uber critical on Trump is Don Lemon. In 2014, Columbia Journalism Review gave the "Worst Journalist of the Year Award" to Don Lemon at CNN.

Lemon in recent months called President Trump a racist, because of the administration's immigration policies and a moratorium which has now expired, on seven nations presumably with radical Islamic terrorist problems causing them to not assist with extreme vetting travel requirements. Nonetheless, Trump continues to tweet and troll CNN.

Trend Setter

Trump's trolling has been legendary. Over the past two years of his Presidency, he has inadvertently nicknamed various cultural and political opponents. The mainstream media is now known as "fake news." He coined a name for Elizabeth Warren, and we now call her "Pocahontas." Anyone with a sense of humor just ran with it by hashtagging. Immediately it began to trend.

Even on the campaign trail at his rallies often covered by CNN, the crowd chanted "CNN sucks!" At those same rallies, he called Hillary Clinton "crooked Hillary," and it stuck. Other hashtags that President Trump set in motion are #HillaryForPrison and #LockHerUp. He's a natural on social media.

Hashtag Pocahontas

President Trump recently trolled Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with the hashtag #Pocahontas on twitter. Warren claimed herself to be of Cherokee Native descent. She even took the claim of Cherokee heritage on to her student loan applications in college and received scholarships based on this false claim. At one point, Warren's high cheekbones were her only evidence of being Cherokee.

DNA Results

President Trump had said at a rally in July 2018: if he were to debate Warren for the Presidency in 2020, he would give her a DNA kit so she could prove she was Cherokee. If the DNA results said that Elizabeth Warren was, in fact, Cherokee, Trump promised he would donate one million dollars to a charity of her choice.

After a mass of chaos subsided around the initial results of this DNA test, the final result showed only 1/1024% of Native American blood. In decimal points, that number is 0.000976%. Elizabeth Warren didn't even have a percentile of Native American blood is. Elizabeth Warren is about as Native American as Shaun King is African American. At least Shaun King, known as Talcum X, tries to play the part.

Elizabeth Warren chose to show the results to the Press publicly and blast it for the world to see, believing it would prove President Trump to be wrong, and it came back to bite her in her Caucasian, non-Cherokee posterior.

The unfortunate part of this story is not the comical farce of a woman who publicly shamed herself with real numerical results showing how she is not what she claimed to be, while for years expressing herself as having a Cherokee heritage with fierce adamancy. The sad thing here is her abuse of a system designed to help minorities, and what could have been an excellent opportunity for a genuinely deserving individual, was stolen. Elizabeth Warren got into law school by checking off the minority status box. She abused a system in place to help true minorities, and in her mind, she gained prominence and credibility by claiming this false minority status.

The Cherokee Nation Deserves An Apology

The Cherokee Nation released a statement saying that falsified use non-existent heritage is insulting and belittling to the Cherokee people and Nation. They further stated that DNA testing does not prove affiliation to any tribe. (More information on Cherokee Geneology). Warren responded with a non-apology, doubling down on her stance of being in the right, by saying she did not claim it for affiliation sake.

President Trump #Winning

When he trolls someone, he proves that he is smarter than most people realize. Most of the opponents that receive nicknames or trendy hashtags from President Trump, usually end up being on the wrong side of the Law. Keep America Great!

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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