The War on Information

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Big Brother Decides

We live in a flood of information. With the Internet’s rise to popularity, there are hundreds of millions of sources from which you can get your daily news. How do we sort through the haystack? How can we find truly quality content to inform us about what is going on in the world around us? According to the Pew Research Center in 2018, about 68 percent of Americans occasionally get their news from social media. We use social media as our gateway to the world; a way to aggregate our news, and see what our friends think about different articles and sources. However, what happens when the tech companies that control these platforms start injecting their own biases into the content they present?

Well, that is exactly what has been happening at Facebook. Fox News reported on Oct. 11 that Facebook had purged more than 800 pages and accounts for “spam and inauthentic behavior,” according to their head of cybersecurity policy Nathaniel Gleicher in a blog post. These accounts netted millions of followers and included conservative or centrist voices, such as Nation in Distress, Free Thought Project, and Reasonable People Unite. That said, not all of the pages removed were conservative. Reverb Press, a page that posted attacks on President Trump and Republicans with 700,000 followers, was also removed by the digital nanny state. This event is incredibly concerning, especially in the wake of the mass removal of Alex Jones from all mainstream media outlets. What is more concerning is that this is happening right before the U.S. midterm elections.

This is a huge problem when we consider the impact Facebook has on Americans’ news viewing habits. From the same Pew Research Center report, it was found that Facebook is far and away the site Americans most commonly use for news, with about 43 percent of Americans getting their news on Facebook. The next closest alternative is Youtube, with 21 percent getting their news there. Facebook is unlikely to change their behavior in this regard. According to the Pew Research Center, while most Americans are against U.S. government regulation of online news, 56 percent of Americans (most of which lean Democrat and are over the age of 50) believe tech companies should take steps to restrict “fake news” online.

Change Social Media Platforms

If you are among the 42 percent of Americans who believe that tech companies have no right to influence what news you digest, it might be time to consider an alternative social media site. One such alternative is Unfollo.com, a new social media platform that focuses on your freedom of speech and right to privacy. Unfollo is intended as a free speech alternative to Facebook and Twitter and pulls that off with an incredibly functional, fleshed out design. Despite only kicking off in the past two months, Unfollo is already rapidly approaching 1,000 users. The only way to fight against the oligopoly of the social media market is to encourage and support free-market alternatives, and that means adopting these up-and-coming websites quickly and spreading them far and wide.

The biggest thing Unfollo is lacking is users. Every active user that posts on the site, and shares it with their friends, is an incredibly important asset. That is why they have looked to reward users for spreading the word. Unfollo.me has a referral system, which directly rewards you 10 cents for every email-confirmed user you bring onto the site with your referral link. Additionally, you get 5 cents for anyone they link, and another 2 cents, for anyone that person brings onto the site. So if you manage to refer someone with a large following, and they get 500 people to sign up to the site with their referral link, you get $25 from that. This kind of flat rate shows that Unfollo greatly values your support, whether you donate to the website, or just spread the word. For more information, visit their FAQ. However, this referral program will only be available to the first 10,000 members, so join quickly!

If we are not active in the fight against the social media giants, we will never see real change in the market. We have to vote with our eyes, and our wallets, against these mega-corporations. None of these companies are untouchable, despite what they would like us to believe. Join the fight by signing up at Unfollo.com today.

Unfollo.com / Guest Contributor
Unfollo.com is a new social media platform built on the belief that free speech and privacy are human rights. It's a Facebook/Twitter alternative that doesn't collect personal data and doesn't censor users for their political views. Unfollo is growing at an incredible pace as more and more people tell invasive Social Media Giants to Unfollo them. Join the movement at Unfollo.com.
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