Women, Minorities and the Democrats' Many Secret Weapons

Women's March is already scheduled on January 19, 2019, the day after the March For Life. How did we get here? Barack Obama is at the root...

Since Barack Obama entered his second, and ultimately his last, term as President of the United States, there has been an all-out war between progressivism and conservatism. If you have not heard of progressive principles in our day, it would be surprising. The basic premise of it is to legislate and weaponize compassion and empathy.

When Obama instituted the Affordable Care Act, or, as it has been notoriously labeled - Obamacare, it failed miserably and siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from people. The American people did not like the idea of having to pay a premium for insurance if they were not using said insurance. The Democrats needed reasons to keep the idea of Obamacare relevant.

Playing Their Cards

The Democrats started to argue that it would affect women and minorities, primarily when the demographics were aimed at people who were against the ACA. Minorities can not afford privatized insurance due to costs. The ACA would cover all the needs that women have, from birth control pills to mammograms and other necessities. The Left was able to use these arguments to silence the conversation.

How could anyone oppose these demographics? It would mean that they were either sexist or racist. Who would want to be called those awful things? Nobody would embrace the label of racist or sexist. This is the way the left takes control of the narrative. They shut down opposition merely by suggestion. People are getting tired of this form of tyranny.

The Silent Majority

Enter the Silent Majority, those Americans who hated that their ideas and values were being shut down through ad hominem attacks. People who would not dare voice their opinions regarding political and cultural ideas in public for fear of being labeled homophobic, sexist, racist, and other names for those who would be opposed to supposedly pro-human ideas.

Feminists would use the label of sexist against anyone who would oppose their brand of equality and women’s rights. Pro-Islamists would call any scrutiny to Islam racist, and even made up a special name for it, namely “Islamophobia.” Fear of Arabs because of 9/11 has rendered any scrutiny to the corroborated proof that Muhammed was a pedophile warlord racist (which makes no sense, because Islam is a set of ideas, not a race).

Weaponized Minorities

If someone questions the Michael Brown incident, that person is racist, and they do not care about black people. Pro 2nd Amendment folks are labeled as child murderers because of the argument that individual rights should not supersede the lives of children. So these people kept silent. Then in 2015, Donald J. Trump announced to the world that he would run for president on the Republican ticket, and people lost their minds!

The names, the false allegations, the Trump-Russia collusion nothing burger, Golden Showergate, the accusations, and the 24/7 legacy media smear campaigns all began the game and forced lies down the throats of everyday Americans. November 2016 showed the world that the politcally correct police and the pro-Sharia anti-American apologists were not running the show.

It was everyday Michiganders, Iowans, Idahoans, Ohioans, West Virginians and Kansans voicing their opinions on the matter. The DNC candidate Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote, but it was the folks she ignored who took to the polls, took a brash, morally gray, New York real estate mogul, and thrust him into the Oval Office.

Propaganda Bonanza!

Again, the Left went nuts. All efforts to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency went into full effect. The Left pulled out all the stops! Using images from 2014 showing illegal alien children in literal cages, the Left tried to prove how detestable the immigration policy is, blaming Trump because Trump enforced a law that was already in place. When that did not work, the Left began using “Dreamers” as a weapon to pull peoples heartstrings on behalf of those who were brought here illegally when they were young.

When Trump ended the Dreamer Act and other policies regarding “anchor babies,” illegal immigration went down in numbers. When Trump let Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials actually do their jobs, illegal immigration numbers went down. The Left could not hide the tragedies and failings of what illegal immigrants do financially, socially, and culturally.

Americans have seen incidents of people needlessly dying, such as Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts, who were victims of illegals living Stateside. However, Leftists decide to use Latinos and other minorities as weapons to further a secret agenda aimed at destroying the fabric of American values and culture. All in an effort to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency.

Weaponizing Women

When the use of minorities as the face of what supposed Trump tyranny looks like failed again, more smear tactics from the Leftist media groups and the halting of all policies and nominations occurred, as Americans have just seen with the Brett Kavanaugh circus. The whole incident with Christine Ford brought about scrutiny of how this lady was treated.

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that nobody did anything to protect Ford or Kavanaugh, and he was right. Christine Blasey Ford was used to spur an agenda of halting the President’s efforts to create a more conservative branch of government in the Supreme Court. The whole point was to hinder Kavanaugh’s nomination and ultimate swearing in to the seat as Justice.

Their stated goal was to ensure the protection of Roe V. Wade, even though Kavanaugh never said anything about overturning it. Throughout the whole circus, women were used as both ammunition and shields to combat logical arguments regarding Kavanaugh. “Sexual assault,” “rape,” and “believe women” were all talking points to incite the rampant craze that caused the #MeToo Movement to become the poison it is today. Yet, when women go against the narrative and hold to a pro-life position, they get kicked in the face by a should-be ally.

Abuse Victims

After the Kavanaugh incident, what is clear now is the Left’s picture perfect tactics. Instead of caring for the people, Democrats use and abuse women and minorities. It can be seen everywhere if one knows where to look. As the Christine Ford circus act is now on its way out in terms of being front and center, she is now fodder for the Left.

It is unclear if Feinstein kept in touch with Ford, now that she is regarded as not viable in terms of credibility. What is clear is that Feinstein kept Ford’s story for months and now, at the most convenient of times, paraded this woman out into the public sphere to be philosophically manhandled and brought under public scrutiny. Feminists used Ford as the stepping stone to push forward more man-hating, as well as a bullet to shoot down due process.

Conservatives, using logic and reason, had to put her under a fierce microscope and tear at her points, as poorly as they were presented; because of this, she has been made a laughing stock. Mainly because there is no evidence to her story. All the while, the Left herd's minorities into the mental slave plantations by playing off victimhood to keep Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and other races chained to the whims of Leftist slave masters who claim to offer free stuff (at the expense of others) and uses them to win “compassion points.”

Open Season on Freed Slaves

Americans have seen cultural figureheads like Kanye West deemed a “token negro” by a CNN panel and feminists who call other women of different opinions “gender traitors.” Yet all the while, the same group cares not for minorities or women. They just use and abuse them, and once their usefulness runs out, or conservatives have debunked the tirades, the same weaponized groups or individuals are tossed aside.

America will see David Hogg experience the same thing once Michael Moore tires of the kid. We will not be seeing Christine Blasey Ford in the media now that her “usefulness” is gone. The other two Kavanaugh accusers have proven useless in the grand scheme of the Left. It is emotional abuse, and it is the defining tactic the Left uses upon the general public.

Candace Owens says it perfectly, “This is what I love about white liberals. They know it’s so important to sell us our oppression, that they’ll come up and tell us we’re a disgrace. So why don’t you stop speaking for black people! That would be great!” Pretty much sums up what many feel the Left should stop doing.

Speak For Yourself

Stop speaking for all minorities since they do not all feel the same. Stop speaking for all women because not all women are monolithic. Stop speaking for the gay community because there are homosexuals who do support Donald Trump. Women, gay people, minorities, and anyone who espouses pro-American, pro-Western, pro-Constitution values are demonized by the mainstream media and the Left. Unless they capitulate to the accusations, the talking will never stop until the Left achieves total authoritarian control.

The fervor of conservatism is rising, and it is high time the Left felt the proverbial blows as they want civil war. Hillary Clinton removed civility from the equation, and feminist thinker Anita Sarkeesian stated, “If you look at it closely, everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic (watch at 32:39).” Which means nothing is, the words have lost their meanings.

Open Season on Leftism

It is open season on Leftism. With midterms right around the corner, minorities and women can no longer stand by and continue to be abused by the Left. They can no longer stand by and simply use the hashtag #walkaway and think it is enough, though they are consistently used and abused.

It is time to put our money where our mouth is and vote for conservative values each candidate espouses, plugging them into office on all fronts, from local to congressional and everywhere in between. A red wave is not enough- we need a Red ocean, for the sake of freedom and the safety of America, and all she stands for.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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