Acosta's History of Being the News Instead of Reporting the News

jim acosta no entry to white house, suspended press pass

Acosta’s History of Accosting

November 7, 2018

CNN’s Chief White house Correspondent, Jim Acosta, faced suspension after a clash between himself and President Trump on key questions including the migrant caravan and the Mueller investigation.

Acosta asked President Trump why he characterized the caravan as an invasion and President Trump referenced videos of illegal immigrants climbing over fences and breaking through the Guatemalan border barrier. President Trump told Acosta that he should let himself run the country, and that Acosta should focus on running CNN, and that if he did a better job then CNN’s ratings would improve. President Trump called on another reporter, but Acosta proceeded to continue, and shout questions rudely to President Trump regarding the Mueller probe, asking if he was afraid of the indictments. The president then told Acosta that he was being rude, and he needed to sit down. A White House staffer approached Acosta and tried to remove the microphone. Acosta then shoved her left arm away.

After the staffer finally seized the microphone, President Trump told CNN that it should be ashamed of itself for the way Acosta behaved, and that Acosta has treated many others unfairly and badly, including Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


Later, during the evening, Acosta tweeted that he had attempted to gain access to the White House but was denied by Secret Service. Sarah Sanders tweeted as well that Jim Acosta’s press pass had been suspended until further notice, and that it was unacceptable for Acosta to put his hands on a woman. Acosta denied doing so, but Sarah Sanders tweeted the video of Acosta roughly shoving the staffer’s hand away.


Acosta denied the White House staffer tussle and Brian Stelter of, so-called, CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ claimed the White House video was ‘super-edited.’ (Author’s note: As a film editing student, I checked the video on a professional level and determined that the video Sarah Sanders tweeted and the orginal video are identical. There are no signs of alteration, such as delays, skipping, etc.).


July 2018

July 30, 2018, Jim Acosta shouted and yelled questions at President Trump and a staffer had to tell him “move Jim let's go, we’re leaving, keep moving come-on Jim we’re done.”

June 2018

In June 2018, during the North Korean Summit, the first historical meeting between a United States President and a North Korean dictator, Jim Acosta interrupted a historical signing by rudely shouting questions at both President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Acosta also barked questions at Kim Jong Un, rudely asking him if he would give up his nukes. In this sensitive environment, Jim Acosta could have either provoked Kim Jong Un or sabotaged any chance of peace talks.

June 26, 2017, Acosta completely lost it with Sean Spicer’s decision to shut the cameras off during the press briefing, doing the entire briefing with only audio, no video. The whole point of Spicer's decision was to dissuade grandstanding which Acosta has a notoriety of doing.

June 29, 2018, Acosta, sitting in the very back of the room during a joint press briefing with President Trump and a foreign leader, screamed and shouted at President Trump from across the room, asking him to stop calling the press ‘the enemy of the American people,’ to which another reporter asked him to be quiet.

January 2017

Two weeks prior to inauguration, Acosta rudely shouted questions at President-elect Trump and Trump refused to take questions from CNN claiming they are ‘fake news.’ Sean Spicer had to approach Acosta, reprimanding him for continuing to shout with his microphone off, stating if he did not stop, he would be ejected from the event.

During the Stephen Miller press briefing on immigration, Acosta attempted to grandstand on immigration, pleading ignorance, and feigning not to know the difference between merit-based immigration and illegal immigration. Acosta ignorantly stated that only migrants from Australia and Great Britain spoke English, which resulted in Miller insulting him for his ‘cosmopolitan bias.’

December 2017

December 11, 2017, Jim Acosta antagonized Sarah Sanders on how journalists make ‘honest mistakes.’ Sanders pointed out that the ‘journalists’ Acosta referred to were deliberately misleading the American people by publishing completely, unverified, fake stories with no substance. Sarah Sanders called on another reporter to ask his question, and Jim proceeded to interrupt the reporter and prevent him from asking his question, to which Sanders stated she was not taking any more questions from Acosta.

The Failed Acosta Mindset

Acosta has had more than five documented incidents on video showing his gross misconduct, in the press briefing room, during overseas keynote events such as the North Korean summit and open presser incidents like yesterday's press conference on the midterm elections which resulted in the Democrats gaining a majority in the House of Representatives. Jim Acosta refusing to hand over his microphone yesterday when he had been told more than once to sit down and stop, then putting his hands on a woman staffer shows that he has no respect and no class. The White House did the right thing by revoking Jim Acosta’s press pass, as it is a privilege not a right.

Trish Regan from Fox Business pointed out, quite correctly, that even though she herself has defended Acosta, he crossed the line by putting his hands on a female White house staffer, humiliating her and being flagrantly disrespectful to President Trump. In order to get back into the White House, Jim Acosta will need to show respect and behave like an actual journalist, and not an activist.

Matthew McCarthy / Journalist
Matthew McCarthy has taken a TV and radio broadcasting class at Mott Community College. He is currently majoring in Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan, Flint. He has extensive knowledge of politics and loves reporting real news, not 'fake news.'
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