What A Sticky Situation for Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin assaults man over parking spot, Cameron Diaz meme

Alec Baldwin Fights Over Parking Space

Alec Baldwin was charged with assault after punching man in fight over parking spot. In a stunning turn of events no one saw coming, Alec Baldwin, star of Saturday Night Live, got into a fight over a parking space in Manhattan and was arrested by the NYPD for punching someone in the face. Unlike punching a Nazi, like a good liberal leader, Alec Baldwin more than likely punched a fellow liberal based on the location of the incident, which is of course a big no no.

If the car that took his parking space had a "fascist" bumper sticker reading “Trump Pence 2016” or “End the Fed,” it would probably make more sense. However, the assaulted New Yorker was likely a fellow "resistor."

Reject the Unhinged Left in the Midterms

Learn to identify who is our ally and who is the enemy in this cultural and political climate. Alec Baldwin "leads by example" every episode of Saturday Night Live by impersonating Rump on national TV, making Baldwin look like the buffoon he is. Considering this, we all must remember that Baldwin has struggled with anger issues for many many years. What do you expect? This is very consistent with the unhinged, violent Left!

Kyle Frank / Journalist
Kyle Frank lives in Upstate New York. He became interested in politics late in 2016 during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.
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