America Is On The Edge Of A Cliff


Buckle Up Buttercup

A common thought amongst older Americans is that we have a couple of younger generations that have the attention span of a gnat, with no historical perspective. Perhaps this could be attributed to the significant advancement of technology, children receiving answers to their questions almost instantly, as opposed to the old days when we had to go to the library and communicate face to face. No matter the reason, this group of short-term thinkers may be larger than we realize. Have that many people forgotten how close the Progressives were to achieving their crazy dream of Big Government and normalizing perversion? They were close, too damn close.

Family Values Win

Before President Trump was elected, we had large groups of people and businesses thinking it would be a good idea for men to share restrooms and locker rooms with women and young girls. Major cities and sports teams boycotted places that were resisting these trends. Mainstream magazines across the isles had articles trying to normalize pedophilia. We had the demonization of cutting taxes for the people that in fact, pay taxes, and the lauding of giving back taxes to people that never did pay any taxes. What insanity.

#FakeNews, We Know Your Game

We had Mainstream Media giants that worked in tandem with the Obama administration to lie and obfuscate about the administration and what was going on behind the scenes. How many people do you think knew that the Obama administration illegally spied on the AP news organization, other independent journalists and alternative news outlets? How many people realize that the CIA illegally spied on Congress and the rest of the world? Who knows that Clapper and Brennan both lied under oath?

The Obama thugs and enforcers were weaponizing the IRS, Intelligence Agencies, DOJ and DOD with impunity. Many Americans lost their rights and were living in fear and feeling hopeless. Obama and his crew without conscience were killing people overseas with drones. Handling the air strikes and casualties, as if it were a simple transaction or daily event.

America Is Being Reinstalled - Be Patient

Now we arrive at today. Most Americans still aren’t aware of the atrocities and law-breaking that occurred within the last administration, but they are slowly learning. Right under our noses was a total breakdown of accountability for our laws and processes that made America. The blatant disregard of human rights and privacy that the intelligence agencies have violated for years without our knowledge or consent is slowly coming to light. Most of the people involved seem to be right on the edge of exposure. The real agenda of the feminists and sexual libertines is being outed and laid bare for all to see. Families are now fighting back.

Election Fraud - No More

All of this fighting back is because the American people finally got fed up with the minority of loudmouths force-feeding this garbage down the American population's throats through various means of media platforms. Donald Trump as our president is the result of this exasperation. No one could achieve what he has done in the two short years he has been in office. What he has done to stop the Progressives, calling out Mainstream Media as #FakeNewsMedia and Paul Ryan RINO’s attacking him straight on and surreptitiously is genuinely surprising. With the recent and ongoing election mischief and dishonesty, we need to start pulling our weight as citizens. No more games, we need to organize and raise money and fight back, and I mean hard. Real hard.

Rebuilding America - One Day At A Time

This country is on the precipice, and we need to save it from Progressives. Enforce our laws, legally slow down immigration, build the wall, assimilate any legal immigrants and stop punishing the producers with redistribution and other dim bulb socialist ideas. We are experiencing an exceptional time in history, get off the sidelines, patriots and get involved.

Liberty Smoke / Journalist
I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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