Secret Service Please Arrest These Celebrities

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Free Speech or Inciting Crazies to Kill the President?

With respect to the difficult, tumultuous job the Secret Service does, it must be noted that there is a fine line between a credible threat and posturing. While it is incredibly frustrating watching them figure out the truth, it is necessary to understand that the freedoms enjoyed by being a United States citizen include being able to speak freely. It is up to the public to speak up and outshout their hate and calls to violence.

Examples of Calls to Violence

Since the election of President Trump, violence has emanated from the left and their violent gang known as ANTIFA. If this un-American rejection of The President and his people was not bad enough, the celebrities have taken upon themselves the mantle of lecturing and ultimately, hectoring the American public. To be clear, celebrities have openly called for violence against this administration without repercussions since its echo chamber is intrinsically linked with the Deep State.

Since the inauguration of President Trump right from the get-go, celebrities have been calling for violence against President Trump and his supporters. Madonna is now infamous for having called for the blowing up of the White House. This statement alone should have been grounds for arrest by the Secret Service. Had a celebrity said the same thing while Obama was president, they probably would have been arrested.

Kathy Griffin, a former CNN affiliated celebrity, displayed an ISIS-style beheading of an effigy of the President. She faced no legal repercussions despite it being a prime example of violence. Griffin, who is known for her obnoxious New Year’s parties on CNN, was fired from the network. Many question why the Secret Service did not haul her away, too.

Actor Johnny Depp crazily declared “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” This was not a subtle comment before a crowd. The question is: Should it have been grounds for arrest, as an open desire to see violence against the President of the United States? Depp faced no repercussions for his comments which, had they been uttered about Obama, would have likely ended his career and may have had him jailed.

Threat Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Why has the Secret Service treaded lightly when it comes to celebrities saying things which, arguably, had they been said about liberal Democrat president, might have landed them a one-way ticket to jail? Some people wonder if these celebrities have connections to the Deep State which remains opposed to the sitting President and determined to foil his duly elected agenda. This is one of the many reasons President Trump was elected: on the promise to drain the swamp.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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  1. Don't forget Robert Deniro. He flipped out a while back and doesn't deserve to be a mouthpiece for anything!

  2. They think all that money they have will save them from the truth of what the president has been trying to tell them.then they are on their own,property of john public , they will not survive.




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