True Colors: CNN Comes Out of The Closet

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True Colors - Worst Journalist of the Year

Chris Cuomo aired a show that accurately shows American's what Don Lemon's true colors are. Lemon, in 2014 won the Columbia Journalism Review’s, "Worst Journalist of the Year award." The CNN show was irrelevant to the average person’s daily living, and not much worth watching. However, if one did happen to catch this particular show, you would have found it quite shocking. During the episode, Don Lemon's remarks to the host, Chris Cuomo have gained much attention.

Don Lemon said to Chris, “I keep trying to tell people not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity, but we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else. Some people who are marching towards the border act like it’s imminent. The last time they did this, a couple hundred came and they, you know, most of them did get into the country. Most of them tired, you know, got tuckered out before they even made into the border. So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized up to the right. We have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban, you know they had a Muslim ban, but there is no "white guy ban," so what do we do about that?”

Hacking Lemon's Poison

The first line was Don pandering to the viewing audience the very nature of his “virtue signaling” that he’s known to do. Lemon keeps trying to tell people, not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity. Let that sink in. He, Don Lemon, "Worst Journalist of the Year," in one statement alone, is acting as if he holds moral high ground in the discussion. He tells people not to demonize any one group or ethnicity, then immediately demonizes the "white guy." He's shallow, disconnected from the American people and his thoughts are toxic and divisive. CNN allows this behavior.

He then directly leads into the border invasion, minimizing the severity of the numbers in the caravan, and the seriousness of the situation. He purposely used the words, "imminent," and "marching” to make it seem official. However, according to the investigative reporters from inside the caravan, the pictures and reports clearly show accurately that this is an organized border invasion of illegal and some high number of criminal illegal immigrants. This massive group of this caravan is posing a violent threat as they have been seen rioting with Mexican police and any force that stands in their way. In their wake, as they pass through towns headed towards the U.S. border, it has been documented that they are destructive and inciting violence, even throwing rocks at Police personnel. Unfortunately, a significant amount of this evidence has been suppressed through algorithm manipulation and then buried by Google and their cohorts in a widespread multiplatform, coordinated effort to keep us all asleep and in the dark.

Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon shrugs off these verifiable facts, like crumbs from his dinner. He has the truth available to him but chooses to deceive us all. He selectively forgets that these illegal immigrants are imposing enormous threats on the American public, at the same time they are equally imposing strains on their own culture for all that oppose the U.S. Constitution. This violent invasion should not be shrugged off by anyone, much less, the "Worst Journalist of the Year."

In the same breath, Don minimized illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States. This willful act of incivility to openly break the laws of the country in which they intend to seek asylum is absurd and unacceptable. It has created a public and financial burden and proceeds without skipping a beat, to demonize white people, specifically white men who lean right of Michael Moore. He posits statements imposing the notion that there is a difference between white men and Muslims. He brings out the travel moratorium and asks why there isn’t one for white men? Then in typical Leftist hysteria, Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon, closes with, "what do we do about that?"

Breaking Down the Ideas

Don Lemon’s exact, very racist quotes were stated directly to his CNN anchor buddy aka "white man," as he looked Cuomo in the eye while delivering his hate speech live. If Don Lemon cared about Americans or this country he would be a part of and would be reporting on the Young Black Leaders Summit that is a huge step forward for America. If he used his platform in support of the progress of the myriad of passionate young black leaders who chose to #WalkAway, then he may have a chance at a new career. Yet, the Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon, chooses to refer to these courageous game changers as, "coons," "Uncle Toms,” and even, "token black negros."

We have seen him allow this archaic, race-baiting propaganda on his own CNN editorial program. Remember that CNN has allowed this toxic programming to air on live television. On that same show, he co-signed a black man and a black woman calling Kanye West an "illiterate negro," and a "token negro." As the Worst Journalist of the Year, he just sat back and laughed hysterically. Apathy is not OK.

CNN - Racist Reporting

The different value systems between Conservative white men and Muslims are severely contrasting. Conservative men are in alignment with freedom, fundamental human rights, and the right to defend those freedoms. Simply put, they support the constitution. Infringing upon those rights only restricts the ability to live freely and peacefully as an American.

Don Lemon, Worst Journalist of the Year, calls this "terrorism." Upholding the U.S. Constitution, having and keeping the rights to bear arms and defend this country offends Lemons very existence. If one investigates the desires and values of a Muslim, they will discover complete subjugation and domination of every non-Muslim in the world. You will locate this information in the Quran, and Muslims adhere to the edicts written by a pedophile warlord. These ideas clash, and there is no moral equivalency between a white man and a Muslim.

Now, if the white man were to adhere to the Muslim beliefs, (which many soy-consuming beta males find themselves doing these days), would Don Lemon be okay with this? We know that if a Muslim abandons his/her Islamic ideals, and goes with Conservative values, the white man would have no problem with this act because both the former Muslim and white guy will then share the same values. What Worst Journalist of the Year Don Lemon is conveniently forgetting, is that America is about values based on the Constitution. Let people say what they want, worship how they want, do what they wish and let them defend those rights with a gun if they choose to do so. It’s higher than the government, other people do not grant it, but a higher authority grants it. If this is what white men who are "radicalized" by the right are touting, then we should all be for it because they will defend our rights as well. As our culture continues to experience a civil divide, will CNN stay committed to being an integral part of the problem, while contributing to the discourse in politics and mainstream American culture? Alternatively, will they be allowed to continue propagating their toxic rhetoric and go entirely unchecked and unaccountable for their malicious content?

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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