Civil Unrest Rocks Haiti

Haiti unrest
Image from The Economist

Haitian Violence

While the Never Trump media manufactures constitutional crises and Saturday night massacres, real corruption and violence continue to rock the third world country of Haiti. As many six people were killed and five wounded during anti-corruption demonstrations. Despite this, there has been virtual silence from the mainstream media. The conflict comes from allegations of embezzlement stemming from a program in Venezuela which provided Haiti with oil. To be clear, Haiti has a history of violence and corruption.

Though not an official war, thousands of Haitians have marched. The root of the unrest is financial corruption. At least 14 former Haitian administration officials are accused of embezzling money. This leaves unanswered questions. Could it be that some of the U.S. foreign aid sent over to help the Haitian people went instead to corrupt officials? Does this not beg the question why does America continue to give aid to countries wherein many cases the money never even reaches the people? Foreign aid should not be handouts, but, rather given sparingly and with discretion.

Another potential problem for the U.S. from the constant civil unrest in Haiti is the problem of mass migration. Haitians have been immigrating to America for many years. Does this civil unrest and corruption not make more mass third world immigration to the U.S. more likely? These are questions our elected officials should be asking. It is already been reported by citizen journalists that the activities of The Clinton Foundation and billionaire George Soros have meddled in Haiti. Haiti has a long history of corruption and political violence and with outside intervention things seem to be getting worse not better.

Media with Ulterior Motives

Perhaps due to the role The Clinton Foundation has played in Haiti and the role of globalists in fermenting conflict throughout the world the media is choosing to sit this one out. It does not serve the globalist agenda to see a country which has received massive foreign aid failing.

This shows yet again that the media is not only hostile to President Trump, but has a clear agenda in what it reports and what it chooses not to report. This makes it evident how important the role of citizen journalists are in reporting the stories which do not serve liberal or globalist interests. President Trump has rightly been more sparing than previous administration’s with foreign aid, and this illustrates exactly why that decision is so important.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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