Henry “Box” Brown Play: Bringing Unity and Community

University Of Michigan Flint

Flint ,MI -- University Of Michigan Flint, was proud to host a production which was free to the public on November 18, 2018, 'Henry Box Brown.' It tells the true story of a slave born and raised in Southern Virginia who escaped slavery by being shipped in a box to the Northern city of Virginia. Brown had spent over 27 hours in a box, but for Brown it was a price worth paying for to gain his freedom. Throughout the duration of the play, there is an emphasis on how social change is inevitable, stating that once started it cannot be started, and that all men are equal under the eyes of God.

“We just want to travel throughout the world sharing the message of love, being a part of the company is the best thing we could’ve ever done, and we have to get the message out that unity matters,” one of the actors stated. Many who were in the audience participated in a workshop which touched on the matters of racial equality, and unity as well. The play spread the message that everyone is equal. Some exiting the area were in tears over the powerful message this play presented to the audience as a whole. The play itself was hosted by the Flint Youth Production of Flint Michigan, many of the actors were ages eight and up. By the end of the play, there were quotes from key leaders in the civil rights movement such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

This play the Flint Youth Production hosted will hopefully begin to ease divisions, and remind Americans that everyone is born equal. It emphasizes that we all need to come together as brothers and sisters and be united in peace and harmony with one another.

Matthew McCarthy / Journalist
Matthew McCarthy has taken a TV and radio broadcasting class at Mott Community College. He is currently majoring in Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan, Flint. He has extensive knowledge of politics and loves reporting real news, not 'fake news.'
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