Op-ed: A Conservative High School Senior’s Take on the Morality of Abortion Procedures

Life Begins at Conception

Among the many political debates between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. is the issue of abortion. That is, aborting the developing human baby while inside the womb of its mother. The common misconception is that the termination of a fetus is not the killing of a life. People tend to believe that life begins at the birth of the baby, that a developing fetus is nothing but a concoction of blood and tissue.

In truth, however, those assumptions are just that – assumptions. The abortion of a human embryo or fetus is the termination of a human life. By aborting a baby, one is essentially destroying not only a single person, but any future descendants this person may have had. Life does not begin at birth. Life begins at conception.

Thou Shalt Not Kill

As quoted from the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM): “The primary reason abortion is wrong is that God said that we are not to murder. But not all people believe what God says so let's look at it from a different angle.

We are allowed to take life under the prescribed requirements of law such as self-defense, war, and execution. Each of these areas deals with Law. Self-defense is justified because an antagonist is breaking the law (burglary, robbery, assault) and we can use force to protect ourselves and our property.

War is the legal declaration of hostilities towards another nation. Execution is the legal taking of life against someone who has committed a crime or crimes worthy of execution. In each case, the antagonists are dealt with for the wrongs they have committed.

However, the baby in the womb has done no wrong, yet it is executed. It is executed but has broken no law! What crime has been committed? What law have they broken in their existence? None. Yet they are killed.” What made it unworthy of life?

Position of Power

The answer is simple: it depends on the opinion of those in a position of power. Whether it is the parent(s) or a knife-wielding doctor, people in power decide which baby is worthy of living and which baby is not.

Of course, this is all when the carrying mother is not facing potential physical or emotional harm. When facing an option of the mother living or the fetus living, or rape/incest pregnancies, abortion can be considered.

My position on abortion is directed solely at women who abort because they just “are not interested” in raising a child, or feel they are incapable. That is what this article is about. This is about abortion which is done when the mother has the mental and physical capacity to carry and deliver the baby.

Procedures to Abort

There are many ways in which a developing fetus can be aborted, each one being crueler than the next. Let us start with the first trimester abortions. This is a medical abortion procedure which is done up to the 9th week of pregnancy. This removes the unborn child in the embryonic stage of life.

The mother is given Methotrexate, either in tablet form or as an injection, during the first office visit. Five to seven days later, she is given Misoprostol tablets. Contractions can start as early as five hours later to expel the destroyed embryo from the body. This is not only dangerous to the mother, but also extremely painful, and effective.

The next way is even more vile. Known as Suction Aspiration, Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA), or Dilation & Curettage, it is a positively horrific surgical abortion procedure commonly used for second-trimester abortions. Using Ultrasound technology, the surgeon, armed with a scalpel and scissors, snips away at the soft tissue around the underdeveloped skull.

Then, the exposed brain is actually sucked straight out of the baby’s skull – killing it. The other vitals, such as the heart and liver, are also cut and sucked out. Once the vital organs are gone, the now dead baby is further cut – limb by limb – in order to easily extract it from the womb. After this gruesome procedure, doctors then reassemble the dismembered pieces into a baby form to make sure that the whole body was removed.

The next way, Induction Abortion, is the common procedure used during the uncommon late-term abortion. In truth, third terms are illegal if not for a medical purpose in most states, but let us still talk about it. Here, the woman receives a lethal injection, consisting of salt water, urea, or potassium chloride, which fatally poisons the baby.

Labor is then induced to expel the dead baby. This, albeit uncommon, just baffles my mind. What is the difference between killing a viable baby while in the womb, and taking a live baby after birth and poisoning it?

Stop the Euphemisms

Simply put, no abortions are hunky dory. The termination of a developing life is immoral and evil. Now, just because the law protects the abortion procedure does not make it any less evil. Like I mentioned before, this is a murder of the most innocent thing in existence, the human baby.

Can we stop the euphemisms? This is not just “tissue.” What will be exiting the womb after nine months will not be a frog, mouse, or sparrow, it will be a human being.

Comparative Abortion Scenario

Imagine if your relative would be extremely injured and in a coma for three months. He or she is being fed through a tube and is on a respirator. Without the many hospital apparatus, your relative would die instantly. However, the signs show that the body is slowly beginning to mend, and will heal in approximately two months time.

Would you even have a fleeting thought that killing a human in such a state is morally correct? Of course not! Although right now this person is essentially a “vegetable,” killing him or her is absolutely wrong because we know that the body will heal. This person one day will live a normal life again.

What the above describes is, in essence, the abortion scenario. We have a baby, although entirely dependent on its mother for its existence, will one day be born as a healthy human being! Can someone morally defend the killing of this life!?

Planned Parenthood

Just in 2017 alone, Planned Parenthood participated in 652,639 abortions. That is 652,639 lives cut down before they even started, 652,639 families which will never be created.

I say if a potential mother feels that she is incapable of raising a child, let her give it up for adoption. Here is the general answer to that: Can you imagine the emotional turmoil of a mother knowing that she has a child somewhere out there, a child that has no idea who its biological mother is? Can you imagine the feelings of a mother when she stares her child in the face, and that child looks back at her with indifference? Sounds rough, huh?

Well, here is my answer to that: It is hard to reconcile the inconsistency of a mother allowing a violent abortion to be performed on her child while lacking the emotional fortitude to deal with giving up her child for adoption, where the child will lead a healthy, productive life. If you are in support of your child being brutally destroyed, then I find it hard to sympathize with your problems when your child is alive and well. Emotional stress is a real issue, however. That is precisely why I want to talk about Post Abortion Stress Syndrome or PASS.


Susanne Babbel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Ph.D. in Psychology. In an article in Psychology Today, she writes “No matter your philosophical, religious, or political views on abortion, the fact of the matter is, the actual experience can affect the woman, not only on a personal level but can potentially have psychological repercussions.”

A study performed by Dr. Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University shows that 52% of women who have had early abortions (up to 12 weeks) and 67% of women who have had late abortions (13 weeks and onward) meet the American Psychological Association’s criteria for PTSD symptoms. These symptoms can be:

Emotions such as guilt, grief, and sense of loss
Feeling the need to “replace” the pregnancy
A feeling of distance from existing children
Difficulty being near babies or other pregnant women

These are just some of the reported stress-related problems. Why do we not we hear these things from pro-abortion activists?

At What Point?

I personally would like to see to all abortion halted – with the exception perhaps, of medical or rape/incest pregnancies – in the United States. My reason for that is quite simple: I do not see at what point in the pregnancy the abortion is morally correct.

Should it be legal perhaps at week 24, when finger and toe prints are visible, when the baby’s eyes open and close and the baby already reacts to sounds? Too far?

How about week 20, when the baby begins its movement ability and hair begins to grow on its head? Still too far?

Okay, maybe in the 4th month, when the baby’s heartbeat is audible, when eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails are formed, and when the baby can suck its’ thumb and even make faces? Still no?

Okay okay, perhaps week 12 in fine? Well, in week 12, the baby’s limbs are all completely formed, it can open and close its mouth, its external ears are formed, as well as its teeth. Should abortion be done in this stage of life? Oh, I understand, this as well is too developed.

So let us take a look even earlier, in month 2 of pregnancy. In the 2nd month, the baby’s facial features are developing, the neural tube (brain, spinal cord, other neural tissue) is well-formed, and the digestive tract begins to develop. How about aborting this guy? Still no, huh?

Got it! All you want is abortion in the first few weeks of pregnancy to be legal? So, in the first month, a primitive face will take form, with large, dark circles for eyes. The mouth, jaw, and throat also begin developing. Blood cells are taking shape, and the circulation will begin. The tiny heart will beat 65 times per minute by the end of week four.

Tell me please, where on this list do you see a time period where aborting the baby seems fine to you? Where do you see a time period when the baby is not a living human, when all it is, is merely the “concoction of cells” which you claim it to be? Can I be more clear?

The Most Innocent

Here, I will spell it out for you – I will even underline it. By aborting a baby, you are killing a developing human being, the most innocent thing in existence. This is not an argument between “pro-life” and “pro-choice.” This is an argument between supporting and defending the helpless innocent and supporting the right to kill something because it is a nuisance to you.

I hope this article serves, if not a deterrent, then as an irrefutable notice to the evils of abortion. I hope, if it does not change your mind, it will at least get you thinking outside of what you have always heard about the morality of abortion. Lastly, I hope it makes my claim clear -- I am calling for all people to speak out against the evil being done to the innocent.

Dave Fillman / Guest Contributor
Dave Fillman is a high school senior and conservative activist.
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