The MAGA Victories the FAKE NEWS is Silent on

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MAGA Always Wins!

After a highly intense midterm race, Republicans who stood with The President had a resounding victory in the Senate. Republican congressmen who stood with The President won close races. Those who ran on the president’s record were rewarded by the voters.

One major victory in the house for The President was the defeat of Andrew Gillum by Ron DeSantis. Ron Desantis a military hero and strong defender and supporter of the President was locked in a tight race with Gillum. Gillum is a leftist extremist with the backing of globalist billionaire George Soros. He was also part of The Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Democratic Socialist movement. Despite the media and monetary support Gillium was defeated by Ron Desantis in this very close race. This was a vindication of President Trump and the movement he represents.

Huge Victories For Trump In Missouri and Texas Races

In a resounding victory for the MAGA movement and repudiation of The Democratic party of today, Josh Hawley unseated McCaskill. Incumbent Claire McCaskill was known to have pledged to vote no for President Trump. The win was directly linked to the MAGA message. President Trump stumped for Josh Hawley and this no doubt had a tremendous effect on the race. Hawley will be the youngest senator.

Another major victory in the Senate was Senator Cruz defeating Beto O'Rourke. Despite the anointing by the media of Beto (Robert) O'Rourke as the new Obama Senator Cruz with the support of The President won a major Senate race. This despite the virtual backing of hollywood and the mainstream media. Ted Cruz championed the President’s agenda and The President came through in support of Senator Cruz as well.

Great Night For Trump

Despite talk of a Blue Wave last night was an overall victory for President Trump and The MAGA movement. Senators and governors who supported the president’s agenda were rewarded by the voters. The Blue Wave never transpired despite Democrat and globalist money pouring into leftist candidates. The people have spoken and The American people reject leftist socialism and open borders. The lesson yet again is that the American people are independent we will not be told who to vote for by so called elitists and celebrities. The swamp is being drained.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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