Maine Midterms: Tight Race In Maine, Vote Bruce Poliquin

Bruce Poliquin, Maine Republican Candidate

Maine’s Congressional Race

A very interesting congressional races to watch is Maine’s congressional race. The candidates are Republican Bruce Poliquin and Democrat Jared Golden. It is a tight race and the stakes are very high. Poliquin won the first debate, but the results are not yet sealed.

Congressman Poliquin, for his part, stands for American values. His opponent Jared Golden does not. Congressman Poliquin is a job creator. In the congressman’s words “I am a lifelong job creator.” Poliquin opposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the globalist trade deal which would have harmed the Maine workforce. He has also “vowed to kill the death tax.” In addition, Poliquin seeks to create border security jobs.

Defender of Second Amendment Rights

On Second Amendment rights, Congressman Poliquin has been a strong defender. According to his website he “supports Maine’s long outdoor traditions, including firearm ownership.” He is endorsed by The Sportsmen Alliance of Maine. On the important issue of standing with our veterans, Congressman Poliquin is more than solid. Having been a member of Congress, he represents the interests of the veterans, not those who disrespect and mistreat them. In addition, Poliquin is also working to expand healthcare to veterans. He wishes to hold Veteran's Administration (VA) leaders accountable. Like President Trump, he believes in taking care of our veterans.

Perhaps most importantly, Poliquin opposes sanctuary cities, which pose a threat to the law and order of the United States. Like the president, he opposes the absurd visa lottery, as well as amnesty for illegals. Like President Trump, Congressman Poliquin believes in an immigration policy which serves the American national interest.

Pro-Trump Candidate

Congressman Poliquin is a strong supporter of President Trump. Ha has enacted an agenda which puts everyday Americans before the agenda of the globalist elite. In stark contrast, his opponent, Golden, has deceived the public. He wanted to make the voters think he supports tax cuts when in reality he supported tax hikes. Golden knows he cannot win on merit so he resorts to telling lies.

The two candidates for Congress could not be further apart on the issues. One is a Pelosi globalist Democrat and the other stands with our veterans, supports our right to bear arms and opposes sanctuary cities. Immigration and the economy are very important issues right now for the American people. Hopefully, Trump and his America first agenda will resonate. The globalists do not have America’s best interest at heart. The voters should know that. We can only hope they do.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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