Sinema, O'Rourke, Abrams: The Faces of Midterm Fraud Across America

sinema, beto, abrams, the face of midterm voter fraud

Kyrsten Sinema, Beto O'Rourke, Stacey Abrams, Up to Their Dirty Tricks Again

Allegations of voter irregularities have been discovered across the country. Like the famous Bush-Gore election, Florida is still counting ballots and at the center of voter controversy. Here’s a glimpse of what is going on in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and Texas.

Florida’s Palm Beach and Broward Counties Headed for Recount

Florida, a key race between a military hero and a Democratic Socialist, is now rocked by controversy. Just when we thought the election was over, Democrats have called for a recount. At the center of the controversy is Broward County, the most liberal county in the state.


The Democrats are accused of not removing voters from the rolls, according to Breitbart. Broward County Board of Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes, in charge of the ballot recount for both Senate and Governor, is accused of destroying voter ballots. The Senate election is now up in the air as well though it is expected Rick Scott will assume the role of Senator. Rick Scott, the candidate for Senate, is now filling a lawsuit.


Suspicious Voter Anomalies in Georgia

In Georgia, clear voter irregularities have been found as well. Daily Wire reports, “Twice as many ballots as the number of registered voters were cast in a northeastern Georgia precinct during the state's primary elections in May.” In addition, the number of voters changed from 276 to 3,704. Just when it was clear a patriotic Republican Brian Kemp was announced Governor-elect, Stacey Abrams is now calling for a recount. Following the example of Hillary Clinton, Abrams refuses to lose with grace.


New Ballots Discovered in Arizona

In Arizona, the Senate race remains too close to call. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is up against Republican Martha McSally. In a late development, 9,000 ballots were found favoring Sinema. There have been reports of fraud but it is still up in the air. McSally is still confident that she will win in the end. She would be a big win for Republicans to replace RINO Jeff Flake as Senator despite the conservative nature of Arizona as a state.


Project Veritas Outs Voter Fraud in Texas

In Texas, a state where Senator Ted Cruz won by supporting and championing President Trump’s agenda, there is now voter related controversy as well. While it is clear Senator Cruz remains the Senator of Texas, there may have been election interference by illegals. Project Veritas exposed the voter fraud on video. It has yet to be verified that illegal immigrants did indeed vote in Texas, but this reveals a threat to our republic.


Just when we thought the election was over, the legal battle to secure the integrity of our election system from Democrat interference has just begun. Despite liberal virtue signaling about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the real interference exists in the 2018 midterm election.
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  1. In Georgia Meet Leslie Joyce Abrams. She is a District Judge appointed by Obama. She lives in Albany, Georgia. Her office is in Albany, Georgia. HER SISTER IS STACY ABRAMS. Guess where Stacy files her lawsuit . Bet you haven't seen this on CNN.




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