Missouri Charity Implicated in Multi-million Dollar Political Corruption Scheme

missouri charity political corruption
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Swampy Behavior

In a glaring example of political corruption, a former CEO from Springfield, Missouri has been found guilty of a multi-million dollar corruption scheme, this involved bribes and campaign contributions for elected officials. This reveals yet again the rot in establishment politics. Politics and corruption too often go hand and hand.

Conspiracy to Embezzle

Marilyn Luann Nolan of Springfield, MI pleaded guilty to one count of “conspiracy to embezzle and misapply the funds of a charitable organization to receive federal funds,” according to KY3. In other words she’s accused of stealing from a charity in order to get federal funds. This type of Clintonesque behavior is corrupt to the core and reveals a lack of compassion and feeling. This is an example of a new low, taking charity to commit fraud.

Nolan admitted to colluding with other people to misapply millions of dollars. She also admitted that her friends defrauded the charities to enrich themselves and her. This is just the type of behavior President Trump champions against. Exploiting the innocent to enrich themselves or to curry favor is a certain type of swamp behavior which the Democrats thrive on. Like the Bernie Madoff scheme or the abuse by some in the Catholic church, the most vulnerable are the victims.

Lobbyists and Special Interests

Among the behavior Nolan is accused of, he has given some of the funds to lobbyists. Lobbyists and special interests have too much power to begin with. Nolan is also accused of using the charity credit card for “catering, liquor and other food connected to political fundraisers,” KY3 goes on to report. President Trump takes these types of lobbyists and special interests head on; in his own words, he is returning power where it belongs with the people. Abraham Lincoln once said “government should be by the people and for the people.” For too many instances with the exception of President Trump, the government is sold to the highest bidder.

Nolan and these political lobbyists are an example of what feeds The Swamp. Actions like this erode the public trust of government. It also shows the importance of electing people who are MAGA candidates who don’t view politics as a means to make money but rather to champion the cause of the people they claim to represent. MAGA candidates who put America First not their wallet first are who we need in office. This is tremendous and important to regaining the public trust.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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