Muslim and Anti-Semitic Democrat is Elected US Congresswoman in Minnesota


IIhan Omar is Anti-Semitic

One particular midterm race was troubling out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. US Representative candidate IIhan Omar of Minnesota's 5th Congressional District has been exposed for Anti-Semitism. She is one of two Muslim candidates who won their seats yesterday. Today she is being hailed by all the media pundits from MSNBC to MoveOn.org as a “legislative powerhouse, progressive champion and the first Somali-American to serve.”

According to Omar’s Twitter account, in her own words, she is “Mom, refugee, Intersectional Feminist, 2017 Top Angler of The Governor’s Fishing Opener and Candidate for Congress.” She can now add Congressman-Elect to her title.

On its face this doesn’t sound all that troubling as America welcomes all refugees who come to America to seek a better life and be part of what makes America a great nation for all people. It is what Omar stands for that should trouble all Americans. It did not take long after her victory for several troubling things on Omar to surface.


Why It Matters

Statements like these matter since America has strong ties to Israel as both Allies and friends. President Trump made a strong statement by moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem; historically we have strong support in both the House and Senate for Israel. Omar will be just one cog in the congressional wheel but will this lead to others? Remember she is not the only Muslim to win a seat. It has yet to be seen how Israel will respond to her stance.

There are also rumors that she married her brother: “Conservative online sites have alleged that Elmi is Omar’s brother and she married him to commit immigration fraud.”

Regarding Omar's tweet, what is concerning are the words “may Allah awaken the people.” Who are the "people?" America is a Christian nation. The God of Israel is not Allah. One has to wonder if this is not a clarion call for others within the Muslim faith to rise up. Time will tell, however, Rashida Tlaib is another one to keep our eyes on.

The New Yorker reveals the real intent of US Representative-Elect IIhan Omar:

“But stories about these ‘firsts’ tend to miss Omar’s certainty about who she is, and the rightness of her desire to ‘expand what is politically possible,’ including cancelling student debt, banning private prisons, increasing the number of refugees admitted to the U.S., and cutting funding for ‘perpetual war and military aggression.’ She supports passing a national bill of rights for renters, the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act, and automatically registering every eighteen-year-old to vote. These are the stances Omar is referring to when she speaks, as she does often, about ‘a politics of moral clarity and courage.’”

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, won Michigan's 13th Congressional District seat for US House. Born to Palestinian immigrants, she is quoted as saying, “You can try to ban us from coming into the country but you can't ban us from from being elected to the US Congress.” Following her election victory, she posted a video of her dancing with a Palestinian flag. Why not the American Flag? She won an American election after all.

Omar and Tlaib have an agenda that doesn’t line up with the majority of Americans. President Trump is for America first; he fights each and every day for all of us in the face of continual lies and visceral hate by those on the Left. We seem to be living in two different Americas.

Shawn Mullin / Journalist
Shawn Mullin is a deep thinker, political junkie, historian (for the love of it), Christian (always), wife, mom and GiGi. She is also a writer at Life Letter Cafe and blogger at searching-godsheart.blog.
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  1. Great article! She ran unopposed... they both did. Unopposed Candidates are not being "elected" they are being "singled out" and elevated by a minority into the office by THEIR VOTE alone.




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